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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Vandalism at 35,000 feet above sea level

Someone scribbled this graffiti on the aircraft toilet counter table. It reads : "IFM  xxx xxxx suck cock"
The engineering staff is unable at this time to erase the graffiti. Who did it?  Another crew or a passenger?
These kind of profanities are also common in the comment boxes in my blog which I do not publish.
I hope the culprit will be caught,caned and sentenced to the max.


Anonymous said...

Doubt a passenger did it. Maybe some disgruntled junior.

Anonymous said...

Some of the crew behave like thugs and you may spot some of the stewardesses at the airport (in uniform)with their thug-looking boy friends wearing shorts and slippers with tattoos on their arms, legs etc. These girls do not have "Class" and are ah lians.

Anonymous said...

I do hope that SQ management will go all the way out to find the guilty culprits and hopfully that deceitful person(if it's a staff) will be sacked and heavily fine.It's not difficult to find out as the aircraft's registration was made known and it can be traced.

The poor IFM probably is being strict with her junior.

Judge said...

Vandalism of properties belonging to the state (SIA is majority owned by SG Government) : Jail at least 2 months and 3 strokes of the cane. In some cases a fine is included.

Anonymous said...

Now they start witch hunt..
offload:coke = die
take picture in uniform=die
smoking in uniform=die

looks like IA & CCE are fully employed
Its all very unproductive really.

They should contract this task to outside vendor.

Anonymous said...

Even the passengers can tell who the culprit is referring to. Isn't it a female supervisor?In school you get detention for such a thing.Got other ways to release stress. The IFM very bit**y meh? Makes Michael Fay look like an angel. Cane the culprit but if girl then sparelah.Take away her shopping money instead!

Anonymous said...

Whoever did this is childish and a coward. Just look at what has happened to two adults who have sent threatening letters to PM and a Minister.

Anonymous said...

someone just couldnt take the heat and instead of coming fore front to the IFM, instead prefer to vandal, Ah yes the child throwing tantrums

Anonymous said...

Some supervisors are bitc*y though so let's give the perpetrator the benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous said...

Newton says every action has equal and opposite reaction.So IFM,hormone overdrived ?Based on past, promoted always have extreme quality ,volunteering at all expense to get the highest position,kindness and eq not necessary or usefull criteria.Not much friend ,only SOP on services which changes by the hours and pax profile and route.Unless feedback on the IFM and self reflections which is unlikely, indirect feedback such as graffitti will be the route,not approved by not Banksy style at all.DNA degraded and no point catching the perps,Middle East and LC carrier are more important factors to affect the Airline.