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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Inside Singapore Airlines (SIA)


Anonymous said...

Nothing to say.Better not otherwise say on drug.

Anonymous said...

Intel inside? Engine General Undynamic ?

Anonymous said...

None of their videos no matter how creative, can mask their problems.It's best to accept SQ is going down and they may need to get rid of excess staff in the process. Please bear in mind,local staff have nothing to fall back on if they lose their job unlike Malaysian staff for example who can at least get welfare aid from their government and benefit from the exchange rate when they withdraw their cpf/sell their flat.

Anonymous said...

Sad for some crews.Will follow the same retrenchment ,CX done.No surprise.Been predicted long time.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Being a flight attendant in Singapore is not a career.
It is not designed for long term employment.
You are contracted to 5 year cycles ( male & females alike )
Why do you think its designed like that?

Once you are promoted to the highest rank of Inflight Manager (IFM, previously IFS )
there is just no more. Except for a brief term as IA ( Inflight Auditor ) essentially appraising the flight and other ranks and at the same time shooting self, because the IA post is merely an appointment with no weight in further promotions.

By the time you get promoted to IFM, you would probably have been an employee for more than 15 years ( more likely 20 years in today's situation ). Difficult to change careers and probably brain dead too. The SQ culture would have taken a very strong hold on attitudes. On one end of the spectrum an attitude of aloofness and the other one very meek, unnaturally sweet disposition ( could be wayang skills honed to perfection as seen in the video of the senior ex crew. Its very unnatural. Normal human beings are not like that.

Be a flight attendant, but know when to leave. Its not a career nowdays.
( maybe 30 years ago )

Anonymous said...

The romance of the sarong kebaya has ended. It has served its time. New ideas....