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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Will SIA remain profitable?

SIA's loss of $138 in the quarter from January to March 2017 is a worrying sign. This was its first quarterly loss in 5 years. The intense competition from Middle East carriers and budget carriers has led to the decline in its profit.
I can't imagine SIA not making a profit for the year 2017. I shudder to think what could happen to its staff and crew if it loses money. Retrenchment is one way out for the airline to reduce cost.
Cathay Pacific Airway, for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis made a loss of S$102 million in 2016 against a profit of S$1.05 billion for year 2015.  Following announcement of the loss, CX decided to cut 600 jobs. Among the casualties are 190 management positions. Pilots, cabin crew and front line staff are spared.
Let's hope SIA will remain profitable for 2017 and beyond.