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Friday, 14 July 2017

SIngapore National Day sweep draw

This is a Singapore lottery and its normal payout for the first prize is S$2.3 million. For the August draw, it is known as the National Day draw and its first prize is a whopping $5 million.
Well it isn't about the special draw that I want to talk about but rather how one lucky SIA staff was, when he hit the first prize of $1.5 million back in the 1990s. The ticket cost only $1 back then. With the prize money he bought a beautiful house at east coast.
His name was Robin (not his real name) and has since "retired".
For this National Day draw, I bought just one ticket ($3) and hope to win the jackpot prize of $5 million.
Some of you may wonder where are the numbers on this ticket. To be honest, since I think I am going to win the $5 million, I have left out the numbers in the photo.
Wish me luck ok?

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