Talks/seminar/workshop for cabin crew wannabes by Luke will be held on 2 March (Friday) 2018. Please visit for more information.

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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Video to help the wannabes

Many cabin crew wannabes have asked me to conduct a seminar and prepare them for the upcoming interviews in Malaysia, Singapore etc. Unfortunately, I will be busy and do not have the time to help.
All is not lost as I have a video (below) which I uploaded a while ago. It should help some of you ( I hope).


Generous Mr BT said...

Wah good of you to post free video containing tips.Most Singas are calculative and would expect a fee in return. I'm sure your video will help the crew wannabes.

BT said...

Aiya, once in a while try and help these wannabes la but cannot every time cos
I am a retiree and SG is an expensive place to live in lol :)

Hs said...