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Monday, 7 August 2017

All is not lost

Just last week, an IFM (formerly known as IFS) suffered a severe stroke that left him in a coma. According to his doctors, he may not be able to wake up and would remain in a "vegetative state".
In the past 2 years, we have heard of crew having strokes, heart attacks and cancer. Few did survive but others passed away.
Unbelievably, many who were stricken with strokes and heart attacks were fit people. One suffered a stroke that left him paralysed after completing a marathon. Another, a martial exponent collapsed and died after his evening walk.
Crew and retired or ex-crew are also not spared of cancers. I met one who is on the verge of dying with prostate cancer. One chief steward, a footballer and scuba diver instructor died of cancer. Another also an active sportsman, died of the same dreaded disease. A retired chief steward died while swimming in his condominium pool.
This may lead us to think that the life style of a crew is not so healthy isn't it?

Well, not all news were bad during last week. One pleasant news was, I met an ex stewardess who had left the airline many years ago and still looked as stunning and sexy as when she was young. I remembered her as one of the most beautiful stewardesses SIA ever had. Her waistline was as slim as when she was 18. Her  low-cut blouse showed off her busty asset. She told me she was single and has a rich boy friend. I believe her story when a chauffeured driven Bentley Bentayga came to pick her.
The ex-stewardess story overshadowed the bad news of the sick crew and I was again back to my normal self, happy and grateful for being healthy in spite of my age.

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