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Saturday, 5 August 2017

VNPL only for CS/CSS and FS/FSS

Recent reports by the media regarding cabin crew being asked to take no-pay-leave gives the impression that the exercise is a result of SIA not doing too well. In my opinion this is untrue.
Asking the crew to go on voluntary-no-pay-leave (VNPL) happens from time to time when due to operation reasons, SIA suddenly finds that it has surplus crew.
The reports also give the impression that the VNPL is for all crew ranks and they could apply to go on leave for the whole period of September to November.
For information, the VNPL is confined only to chief stewards/stewardesses (CS/CSS) and stewards/stewardesses (FS/FSS). They may go on VNPL for up to a maximum of 14 days between September and November this year. The newly promoted CS/CSS and newly recruited FS/FSS who are under probation are allowed a maximum of 7 days of VNPL.
Hope the above clarifies.