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Friday, 15 September 2017

My outstanding students didn't make it

Two of my best students or seminar participants who had previously reached the "management" round of the SIA cabin crew interview did not even pass the first round at last Saturday's interview.
Why? why?....we have been trying to find a reason why they did not make it pass the very first round.
SIA cabin crew walk-in interview typically has 5 rounds. The first is a self-introduction round in which the candidates introduce themselves to the interviewers and answer a generic question. If they are successful, they will go to the next round which is the "reach" test cum documentation checks among other things. If pass this round the candidates will adjourned to the third round which is the "discussion/debate" round. If they do well, they will be shortlisted for the "management" or fourth round. Passing this tough round will then entitle them to the final round. If successful, the candidates will then proceed to undergo a medical checkup. If found to be medically healthy, they will then be employed.
My guess is that SIA failed my two students either because they have raised the standard of entry or the first round interviewers are novices. How could the two who had previously passed round 1,2,3 failed at round 1 last Saturday? 


Anonymous said...

Only Ha-lee-mah can kelong
Dont play, play hoh.

Anonymous said...

Your 2 best and outstanding disciples are the considered mediocre in the big pool.
Its akin to 2 best students from mickey mouse JC competing for university places with the likes of RJC and HCJC.
Average joes from RJC and HCJC can surpass those top students from Mickey JC anytime

Anonymous said...

SQ is not in short supply of cc so they are taking their time
and be selective.

Anonymous said...

it could be a blessing to them

Anonymous said...

For some, being employed by SQ and as a cabin crew is like...
... wah-lau!... kenna ToTo!!

( becos, frankly, a bit lang-gah )

For those who only get to see people wearing
a staff pass around their neck.. its like..
wah!! very special leh.

( actually, cleaner also have pass...)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are losing your touch. Some of what you teach may no longer be relevant for CC hopefuls. Kinda like university graduates. A lot of what they learnt at university is redundant so they have to further their study so they can cope with the changing economy.