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Monday, 13 November 2017

Pilots chasing after stewardesses or vice versa?

Two readers wrote the following, one for the pilots and the other for the stewardesses:
1) My husband is an FO for a major airline. The cabin crew are like this the world over, a lot of the time. He wears his wedding ring but still they ask to come up to his room/ask him if he wants a BJ/asks him to have sex in the bathroom with them etc (& I've been there when they've done this, lol, idiots). He's also seen married pilots couple with men, women you name it. Just last night a bunch if them got drunk and the female cabin crew were lying stretched out on tables, beckoning to the male flight crew to "come have a try", and two of the pilots, one married and one an expectant father, started getting off with em whilst the dirty old captains were trying to get a feel in. It makes my heart feel sad. Why does it always come down to lust and sex? Guess I'm just too boring and loyal for my own good to understand.
2) Let me assure u tt it is a known fact that the flight attendants are not interested in trying to bed the pilots but infact it is the other way round. Many girls have been lured into false promises of love and marriage only to find out later that their so called boyfriend is married. Pilots are known for their extremely cheap behavior and abuse through their ranks. They actually believe tt they are very intelligent in all fields from financing to politics n more. But in actual they are really shallow using their ranks to intimidate and get things to go to their way and if it turns out that their decision was wrong they will never apologize . The old days of girls falling blindly for pilots are gone. Today many of the flight attendants are degree holders and some even double degree holders..Not bimbos...But having said all this there are quite a few pilots who are equally good and of excellent character...
So please do not assume that Female flight attendants are running for pilots cus let assure you that is history .
Have you seen how flight attendants are never afraid to spend on food etc....Well that is not the same with the pilots who will wait to eat on board immediately as they are always hungry and thirsty....So stop blaming any female flight attendants and male as well....


Anonymous said...

angmoh airlines slightly diffe from asian airline.
not so orgy style. whatsapp group ok, sex grope not ok.
Bicycle days over.
Pilots still attract girl becos SQ girl many from kampong sua-koo.
local girl not interested. Kota Kanniahbu VERY interested.
Can get PR see?.. bring kampong into condo.

Anonymous said...

Majority of the Malaysian crew(stewardesses)are always looking out for the pilots regardless if they are single or married,thier second best catch in case can't get rich passengers.
The stingy pilots are cheapskates and prefer Malaysian girls as they are equally stingy n low or no maintainance,to have.

Be smart, avoid airline crew said...

I don't think this will ever change. Pilots and flight attendants are all the same, regardless of religion, race,airline or nationality.The temptation to be promiscuous is very strong when you're surrounded by horny people and you're away from your spouse and kids. The best thing to do is to not marry any of them or you'd have to just close one eye to their behaviour if you still want to marry them. They're good if you're not looking for something long term but if it's for marriage and you're thinking about having kids, stay away from airline crew. Also, as a precaution, be sure to get them to get themselves tested regularly for any STDs because you can never know where they've been or who they've been with.

Same old story said...
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Anonymous said...

Mr BT, u can delete one of the above comment as they're both written by the same individual.tq

Anonymous said...

Some singaporean FSS also open legs easily for tech crew.. I liken it to how some SG girls only want to date AMDKs.. even if those AMDKs are neither good looking nor rich. I really do not understand why.. but no complains.