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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Hiring of foreign stewards by SIA

Around the year 2011, SIA was contemplating hiring stewards from India and Japan. However, due to this video by Boh Tong, many Singaporeans became aware and objected to the idea. Hence, the idea of hiring foreign stewards had been shelved for the moment.


PPS said...

Crew told me SQ has a few HK stewards.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense there are no sia foreign stewards,period!

Anonymous said...

Got lah. Malaysian stewards!Most handsome ones are Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Yes they have HK steward but no sure have they quit ....

Anonymous said...

Malaysian are not considered as foreign crew.

Anonymous said...

They should be. Malaysia and Singapore are two separate countries. Singaporeans are considered foreigners by Malaysians in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

You dont understand.
SQ tries very hard to classify everyone as local.
Its to their advantage. They pay local salary and they have
the Union to keep everyone in check, and accept rubbish labour deals.

If classified as foreign, need to pay differently, offer housing etc.
gets too costly.They would love to classify the Japs as locals... but
I dont think the Jap Gov would approve. The japs look after their own 100%.
Singapore gahmen, will sell your backside and shout Maju-lah!

Anonymous said...

By right shouldn't consider them local.No wonder property prices are high in Singapore. Malaysians buy SG property to rent out while staying in JB. True blue NS serving Singaporeans find it hard to find affordable housing as a result.

By the way, why the need to hire non Singaporean stewards? Doesn't Singapore have enough talented Singaporean men to work the cabins?

kuchingboy said...

Malaysian population much larger. Therefore bigger chance of selecting those who are a little on the goondhu side. You know..? more kampong, or politely referred to as a sincere quality.
Singaporeans too informed already.. keena conned wholesale by SAF,CD,SPF during NS.and now they very smart.
Too smart for CCE to handle.
Malaysians from East Malaysia still very asli-asli type.. very kwai-kwai.. send post card home to mummy & daddy and girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Nonsense there are no sia foreign stewards,period!


Yes. There are Taiwanese Stewards (all these while and recently some new ones as well), Hong Kong stewards, and Malaysian Stewards. Period Period. Hahaha, so confident ah u?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1/1/18

There are about 11 HKG FSS, 2 FS and 1 LSS.
Like they say: it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.