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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Asian airlines cabin crew retirement age

SIA male cabin crew retirement age is 62 currently but may be extended to 65. This applies to those on tenure only. Those who joined after 2003 (male and female) or thereabouts are put on 5 yearly contracts and would retire around 55 years old if they are promoted to chiefs or inflight managers.
Cathay Pacific's cabin crew retirement age is currently 55 and may be extended to 60. ANA, PAL and CAL retire their cabin crew at age 65 while JAL, KAL, TG and MAS 60. Unlike SIA, most if not all of these airlines retirement ages apply to all their cabin crew regardless of their gender.
Therefore, it is not uncommon (except for SIA) to have much older stewardesses serving you on all those airlines mentioned above.


Anonymous said...

We don't want women with sagging watermelons or men with sagging tennis balls serving us.

Fire the old crew if you must.

SIA must maintain high standards.

Anonymous said...

We should report this comment to DAD instead of MOM. No jokes, this person needs mental help so he or she won’t dream too much about watermelons and tennis balls.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
We don't want women with sagging watermelons or men with sagging tennis balls serving us.

Mental case! No need to report... cant help, gone case.

Anonymous said...

Itd after ageism.One might have saved for a once in lifetime trip to saviour Service Airlines talk about.Served by Sagging Personal which is by hand,definitely not that parts use by date expired.Doubt can agree or disagree still got lots of fire and fury at this blog.The most a crude joke and the least a street smart comments.How to eliminate Fake New ?Will it cost paxs to suffers ?Non.Probably a release from daily life of the powerless locals.

Anonymous said...

Boh Tong, got any cases where senior female crew such as IFSS, CSS, LSS accused of molesting other FSS or FS?

Boh Tong said...

Yes there was a case of a css molesting a fs. I blogged about it 10 years ago. Search and you may come across the story in this blog (maybe in 2006/7)

Anonymous said...

To the dumbo who asked the comment to be reported...use your fuc***g brains.Readers are free to express their views and the comment is not that far offAny do prefer to fly with certain airlines because of the perceived attractiveness of the crew.If you cannot accept this then you're in the wrong industry!

Anonymous said...

Its worst than dumbo,extreme no brainer most likely think ISS flying above homebase is ISSL and probably wants daily flight.Diversity and views shape the world thru all areas in making human life longer and internet and other breaking and breakthroughs.If it leaks in one country,many international agencies will lend a finger to plug it,stabilise and prevent future leaks etc.Deep thinking and reflections and knowledge advances humankind to enable journey to the moon and beyond.The person who crys wolf is probably the stupidest,could be a dog or something else.Of course,the faults are many in the world today.Its not perfect.Narrow mindedness can be showcase and shamed.

Anonymous said...

Singapore education standard is getting worse and worse. I never knew that Singaporean are free to express their view on everything. If Singapore allows free speech in all areas, so why did the gov jailed Amos yee and some other activists?

Talking about attractiveness in the airline industry, might as well turn SIA into VietJet airline. That’s probably the real attractiveness.

You can shit, but that doesn’t mean u can shit anywhere u want. The same thing go with free speech, you dumbos?

Anonymous said...

If you don't like free speech then migrate to North Korea where everyone thinks the same way.

Anonymous said...

"Singapore education standard is getting worse and worse."
Main intention of education is basically to have ability to have jobs and raise family to as citizen of Sin ,from minimum wages to beyond.Worse is when jobs insufficient or fakes used,then its broked.Local cannot be marginalise and become 2nd class.
"I never knew that Singaporean are free to express their view".All people are born free and so are their minds,unless Communinist.Free mind spawns literature,discovery,science and technology,including man on the moon and Mars,equipment ready primed to countdown.Unfortunaly the richest people of earth 1 % holds 90 % of wealth ,including dictators and systems.Thats whats causes the French revolutuon,Bolshevik Revolution,and whatever.Blood be shed and newborns to better standards for all.Otherwise dont start one,disease and interreligious fighting ,smoking kills lots of people.

"Talking about attractiveness in the airline industry, might as well turn SIA into VietJet airline."
This startup uses gross adverts that civilisation dare not,sex and what drives mankind,see no touch.That will cause problems in the long term.How to enjoy the flight hacing a hard on throughout to landing.Standby some heart pills and frisky hands,besides coffee and tea.One will have a better time along Geyland.
Civil Sin have toilets facilties to ensure health for the citizen,some big country like India and China ,too many people and insufficient capacity to cope,walking around smelling like shit.Of course when one talk shit like Jamban Jamal and toilet MP,then all will zero in such talk.
"The same thing go with free speech,",greatly hope for and encouraged for all country in the world,but not when its offensive or personal.The less dumb the citizen,the state can go higher and richer.Every comments must be thought deeply and should be food for thought and benefits all,but shit only basically fetilise the plant,like NK.We should never be like them in all level,totally slave to the system.