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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Bottom-line is: people want good service and cheap fare. In cabin crew we often use this and good or  C & G.


Anonymous said...

Typical of Sinkies wanting everything cheap,cheaper and cheapest!

Anonymous said...

If you want good affordable service,fly Emirates.Otherwise,stop complaining.

I am cheap said...

Many singaporeans do not understand SQ.
The airline is in the market to earn money, as much as all their planes
can carry, for as many times.
SQ does not give a damn about Singaporean market.
Too small
Too whinning

They are interested only in business class travel
from EU / Aus /USA/China/ India.
Years ago, it was the Japs that was the important market
Now, its India & China.

Singaporeans can afford business class travel but they chose
the cheapest fares in EYCL or Premium.
Local companies have more business deals with China, they will not
book JCL for their staff... cheap employers.

Anyway, flying in JCL under 7hrs will not allow you to max out
the experience. By the time you finish farting and watching 1 movie,
it will be time to wake up for breakfast... which being a typical kia-su
Singgie.. you will not let it pass.
Only to order the char bee hoon or fried carrot cake.. ( like never eat these
before in their entire lives.. 30,000 feet tastes better izzit? )

kenna sai

Anonymous said...

Overwork,under crewed,what else is new.Sop procedures do most by least crews,which they think is good service.Should be safety and comfort and arrive in one piece,not package deals as cargo otw back to Sinkie.Like pee chee tua lap nee fly middle east,subsidise by oils price,mee too airlines,biggest airport in the world ,but not tourist friendly and too much complaince with local religious rules.Crewed by 3rd world pursuers paid high by their standards,can buy house in their homeland.Recent incidents by seniors show mind not on job,for a few dollars more,boob molest as much as the Yishun MRT slapping incidents.Dont blame them,being away,onboard can lead to behaviorer problems going over board.The Airlines exist like NTUC and Comfort,profitable then goes into budget to balance losing investments,no free lunch,its over,get real.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the day SIA goes bust. The signs are showing

Anonymous said...

As a loyal SIA customer, I have began to look for better alternative. Its the marketing department that is driving the loyal customers away. New add-on fees here and there? Seems like SIA is heading to a new "budget airline" era. This is not the correct move to charge your customers more and slash your own crew so that you can maintain having profit in a year.. Well maybe SIA doesn't care? Typical company in SG that thinks that everyone can be trained and there are still other new customers around..

Anonymous said...

cmon la, would you buy a full fare SQ ticket?

Anonymous said...

Why not?

Anonymous said...

More letters from reliable travellers in the Forum today. Would be good if BT could publish them.

Anonymous said...

Scoot's Campbell Wilson is now SVP of sales and marketing. It all makes sense now. Bravo to the "NEW" SIA!