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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Late night free transport to cease for SIA cabin crew

The current free transport service for crew whose flights depart between midnight and 7am and those who arrive into SIN  between 10.30 pm and 5.30 am will ceased from June 1 this year. According to the company, it is not sustainable to continue this service. Instead, the crew will receive an additional $46.40 on top of the $277, making it $323.40 per month as transport allowance.
Naturally, some crew are unhappy with the new ruling. Those who live far from the airport complained that the compensation isn't enough as taxis and private hire cars charge more during those late hours.


Eddy Chiew said...

Why the union allows this to happen?

Anonymous said...

really cut cost like siao

Anonymous said...

Pity the crew who has been hoodwinked by the coy

Anonymous said...

once again ,
the change benefits the Msians more , most of them stay near airport,
who are those stay at woodlands, jurong , yishun, Bukit panjang? Mostly Singaporeans.