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Friday, 16 March 2018

Sacked stewardess better off now

Exchange of WhatsApp messages between me (green) and a stewardess yesterday. She was unjustifiably sacked due to her medical records.


Anonymous said...

only the weak minded, less educated and less ambitious crew will sign their life to sq. once they reach retirement age, they will only realize they are unable to retire cause all the money has been squandered away to self created fine dining entitlement and night drinking.

Anonymous said...

Nobody gets sack cos of MCs. And nobody will tell another person they are worse off after getting a sack (if the sack did occur). Obviously fake news like these ought to be reported and culled

Anonymous said...

For all you know she may not be giving you the truth.

I heard of a crew with poor MC records (never even submit chits) and pilferage in aircraft. Kena CI together. She told everyone cuz of the MC but conveniently neglected to mention about the pilferage.

Anonymous said...

She was on probation and must have taken excessive MCs. SQ has zero tolerance for probationary crew who takes many casual MCs. Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Confirm not the whole story, more then meets the eye. We know what sorts of crew gets the sack... the worst type with many serious lapses. Yes, you can’t get sack for MC but too much MC over the years might not get you the contract renewal. Into SIN you don’t have to clear immigration in uniform while paxing, LS writing in that will get back fire On himself.

Anonymous said...

In MY,not only will some employers try to get rid of u by complaining about your MC but also when u take long lunches,the latter being inevitable when u need to look for halal food in a predominatly non halal area.I'm with the stewardess on this one.Some employers will try anything to get rid of certain employees.

Before u join them they will do anything to persuade u to join them but after u do and they think they made the wrong decision to hire u,they will try dubious ways to get rid of u.

Anonymous said...

Income is the equaliser.
If able to replace FSS income with similar or higher,
it will level off. But people still view a flying job as
being glamorous, that is why there will be a queue.

Its still a job.

No longer fun though. Every night stop is a rush to eat, sleep, shop,