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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Talented Bernie de Souza, The Tidbits

Former cabin crew executive Bernadette de Souza (center) was part of the trio "The Tidbits" that won the 1967/68 Radio Television Singapura (RTS)Talentime.She was 12 years back then. The Tidbits was a sensation. Bernadette has since left SIA and resides in Perth, Western Australia.


Need help said...

Mr BT/any SQ staff,

Where I can get written confirmation that the IATA-code SQ refers to "superior quality"?

Superior quality was chosen when SIA was trying to compete with international airlines,following the MSA split.

But where does it say SQ refers to superior quality?I need it for my citation for postgrad research.


Need help said...

I'm going to have to write to SQ then.

Boh Tong said...

"Need Help"...SQ is the 2 letter code that precedes its flight number (eg: SQ 12) just like BA is for British Airways, QF for Qantas etc. SIA was not allowed to use SI because it was reserved for Blue Island or SA which was for South African Airways.

Need help said...

But SQ means superior quality too like how MH means Malaysian Hospitality. Thanks for your help.I need it to discuss STP..

Anonymous said...

It is ridiculous to believe that "SQ" is an abbreviation
of "superior quality" or "Singapore Quality".

These interpretation was cooked up by people who wore neck ties
during Paya Lebar days at the Training Centre. Designed to sound
exclusive and to impress upon gullible trainees. Nothing more.
Same with "MH". ( after all both shared the same roots )

Airline codes were assigned by IATA and they were not created
by dreaming up some idea to reflect the airline's ethos.
AF was assigned to Air France only because IATA origins was in Paris.
And BA ( Bristish Airways ) was a founding partner in IATA too.
Basically the original IATA members were European and they had first
bite of choosing their national airline codes.

The codes were to be easily recognisable particularly over radio transmissions.
All for saftey and communications. Ludicrous to connect it to airline's service.

By the way, inflight service standards was originally offered by Pan Am, the American
airline back in the hey days of 1950s right up to the late 70s when they went bankrupt.
They were the original airline to offer starters, soups, salads, main course... all from Maxim's of Paris. The menu style was based on the French chef Escoffier.
They offered caviar, champagne, and even beef cuts from a roast. SQ adopted that idea, as Pan Am was the world standard at that time. Right down to dinner jackets worn by the stewards.

It was not singularly and independently a Singapore Airline or Singapore creation.
What SQ can lay claim during that time is perhaps free booze, free earphones and hot meals on a 40 min flight to KUL.

I dont think even the most senior 'lau chiau' AoTC knows about Pan Am being the root.
They too were misled into believing that they were pioneers.