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Friday, 30 March 2018

WhatsApp message from SIASU

 This is the message from the president of SIASU (SIA Staff Union) to his cabin crew members regarding the cessation of transport for late hour flights.


Anonymous said...

Just stay near the airport,problem solved!

Anonymous said...

Better still, jus quit if not happy. All problem solved

Anonymous said...

above 2 comments,
dont talk cock la, then you come work for free la.

Anonymous said...

haha they are stupid if they think union can undo management decision. first of all if union thought option 4 was acceptable, and only wanna appeal due to the mass displeasure, then union has to be replaced.

ex fs

Anonymous said...

Cabin crew voted for the union and deserve the union they voted. So nimpeh dont wanna hear any complaints from them.

Kenna-Sai said...

Simple strategy.

Bad cop
Good cop

Now management play Bad cop.
Union play Good cop.

After ding-dong...
both Bad & Good cop come out with
( which by the way, would probably a higher monetary amount..
the taxi will definitely stop.. sooner or later )

Union appear 'ho-say' liaow.
Members walk with arrogance.

Round 1 to Union ( but still kelong technique from management )
Round 2... akan datang..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hahahah i know of cabin crew acting rich and happy on social media, eating drinking high tea and shopping branded stuff like nobody biz. awaiting the day when management screw them over forcing them out of sq, only then they will know the harsh reality of life outside sq. many of them are too much of a coward to leave sq too. good luck to those goons cause they gonna need them

Anonymous said...

This union had given everything in the Collective Agreement away where the many previous union had manage to negotiate to help workers. This union had Transform everything that the workers have previously to zilch. The transport as in the CA had been there for donkey years and they just gave it away for mere token sum.

Anonymous said...

Good decision by the union! Well done !

Anonymous said...

If the company really wants to save money then they should either reduce the bonuses of those at the top or get them to take a pay cut instead of sacrificing crew perks/benefits.

Anonymous said...

Remove 50% of CCEs. Too many.
Manager for CP is enough. the rest can go home.
CPM alone can handle all disciplinary issues.
Just sack anyone with a complaint, harassment or too many MC.

Anonymous said...

After making this decision, it would make the union look very stupid if they were to change it. Union, please don’t look stupid !

Anonymous said...

whatever decision will never please everyone..

Anonymous said...

just be thankful that SIA is not sacking the crew..

garang-leh said...

Sacking is a pastime for them
They hire so that they can threaten to sack.
If no hire, they have no one to threaten.
Being threatening is a much sort after trait for managers.
Being nice is a liability.