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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Who's Paddy Chew ??

Hello Bohtong

You’ve been in SQ for many years. Can share with us what’s the reaction of the management / colleagues on the ground with the Paddy Chew coming out incident? Like to hear what happened if it’s convenient for you to share with your readers.

Thank you.

Boh Tong: Paddy was an ex steward with SIA who died of AIDS in 1999 after a long illness. Paddy flew for 13 years after which he joined Singapore's first drag artiste cabaret in 1993 (Boom Boom Room).
Not much publicity was given to him in cabin crew and therefore not many of us knew about his case. I am quite sure that the gay community in SIA knew about Paddy's case but they chose to hush hush the matter.

You may read more about Paddy here 


Anonymous said...

I believe he was a former SIA steward, infected with Aids, and went public with it.

Anonymous said...

Any other SQ crew with AIDS?

Anonymous said...

Not many got AIDS these days because they are more careful
not to have multiple partners.

Not gay said...

Homosexuality ( male or female-gay or lesbians ) is very much
a closed subject in Singapore. You go to jail if you are proven
guilty for having sex with same gender.

It may appear to be open, but its still very hush-hush.
Even with dead people...

Was Cyril gay?
Was Michael gay?
Was Ivor gay?
Was Leslie gay?
Was Schmich gay?
Was Paul gay?

No one will or could say. and does it matter?
Of course not. But by not affirming, it indicates that the subject
of sexual orientation is hushed.

Paddy had the confidence and courage to step up and be counted.
Most are still in the closet, wearing nighties.

Anonymous said...

Compared to those with family,they can spend more off days in CC,thus get more points for "dedication"No surprise they get promo faster than telecom promo code,as with unionist the untouchable and teflon proof.They should not get ahead on these premise,but the points system wins,a veritable dens of sins for those church going people.All seems to be known to be that including Peter who passed early,Derek the fun people but as a colleagues,better than those power mad Managers and can handle people better due to their higher eq.Black ninja like Emaily,daughter of Doth,have gone to dark side,celebrated by juniors when they were volunteer to "retired" by SVP Lim who left to form LC Airlines.In short,we cannot pass judgement on their orientation without looking at the mirrors.The devils who reigns after the AO were ridded were no better,the 8 causes one LS to be fixed and unintentionally causes his infant son to passed.To each his own lifestyle,those holier than thou please throw the first stone,through the glass house,hear the glass breaks.!

Anonymous said...

But if girl and girl,can get AIDS meh? Just boy and boy.

Dr BT said...

Girl & girl won't get AIDS but boy & boy or boy & girl possible to get AIDS.

Anonymous said...

All crew are being abused.
The gays are abused, same as the non-gays.
Abused or manipulated. There is a circle of
people at the managerial level and the union who
will abuse to their advantage.
All under the pretence of providing excellent service.
Creation of interest groups is one example.
To whose advantage?
Abusing gays, and people who are genuinely sincere in
pursuing an interest. All for their own benefit and scorecards.
Crew will come to realise it only after some time.
By then, you would have volunteered more than 50 hours of
your off days for activities that would not give you any
help if you were to suddenly lose your job.
But the managers would have gained 50 hours of free labour.
Cabin crew are fools at the start and idiots at the end.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of CS David Dominic Patrick.
It is said that he died of AiDS too.
Flew with him a few times n he does look very sickly all e time flying.

Anonymous said...

CS D Dominic did not died of AIDS but of Stomach cancer.

Anonymous said...

Rip those who passed.But before that a lot of discriminative actions by other feared or misunderstood about the transmission mode should be noted.Example the Safety Demo case,before he left due to progression ,when he entered CC briefing ,all eyes suddenly adverted,not an acknowledement by friends by so called colleagues.The SEP dept equally slow,the six monthly retest includes blowing into dummies to inflate,wish one could buy or bring own equipment along.Example include wearing of overcoat exciting custom to cover marks on body.Resistance being lowered include opportunistic infections.Whatever it is ,its not easy road they travelled.Heard one had a limo last tour around but the best is dont be cruel in thoughts and actions to repent later.RIP Peter ,Paddy,Dominic,Cyril.