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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Crew transport then and now

Back in the 1960s when I joined the company all crew were entitled  to free transport for all flights regardless of the departure and arrival time. This entitlement stayed with us until retirement.
All crew who joined the company from 1974 onwards were not given free transport but instead compensated with a monthly payment of $xx (can't remember the actual amount) but with the assurance of free transport for late departure and arrival flights. From May this year, all crew will be paid $46.40c in addition to the $277 monthly transport allowance. The withdrawal of the late hour transport has infuriated the crew. Logically, they should not be denied of their entitlement. The phasing out of the late hour transport should start with the crew who joined from May this year.
Similarly and hypothetically speaking if the company decides to make the crew share hotel rooms, it should apply to those who joined after the decision has been made and  not the current crew.
Before making a major decision management should do a study and consider the feeling of the crew first instead of bulldozing the idea.


Anonymous said...

welfare of crew is never the priority, cost cutting and kpi yes definitely.
management cracking their heads everyday how to squeeze more moolah fm cabin crew..
but at the same time they want crew to give their best.. lol

My bestest said...

Give your best!
Using the cheapest resource!
Sew your own uniform.. company will provide fabric.
( you have to go to the company storehouse to collect your fabric )
Give your best!

Anonymous said...

lol, even SATS a former subsidiary of SIA still provides the staff transport late night hours for employees yet SIA doesnt have?!

Anonymous said...

You are free to hop over to SATS for the free transport. Dont compare this and that. DBS CEO bonus is im millions. What you get? Some company give BMW and merz as transport, why are you getting cab only?

Anonymous said...

nagger always nag