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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Late hour duty transport

The union has managed to get the company to continue providing the crew with free transport for all late hour departure/arrival flights for at least another 2 years. This is definitely a nice piece of news for all crew. However, after the 2 year extension, the union could re-negotiate with the company on the matter. 👍👌✌🆗✈🛩🚀🗼


Anonymous said...

Big deal?

Anonymous said...

Since svp TPT arrived in cc he has started his cost cutting business again

Anonymous said...

5 step plan to understand graded staff life

1. Reduce claim amounts to maximum $50 to entertain passengers who complain
2. Reduce transport claims to maximum $30
3. Reduce personal travel to Premium EY class
4. Remove golf membership and replace to per entry ( claimable max $15 )
5. Include crew performance as part of personal portfolio and KPI to determine bonus

Anonymous said...

Everything also cut cost.might as well join budget airline. Trim pax offerings too then.come on SIA,u full service or budget airline.