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Thursday, 14 June 2018

A reader asked this question regarding the long turnaround time for a A380 "why is the A380 turn around time more than 1 hour?" (for most if not all aircrafts the turnaround time could be less than an hour)

"Singapore Captain" a regular visitor to my blog has this to say   "The A380 only uses reverse thrust on 2 engines thus the stress on the wheel brakes are greater. Airbus initially wanted to do away with thrust reverser to save weight but FAA will not certify the aircraft to be airworthy. That’s the reason for minimum time required on the ground to allow brakes to cool." 

During the more than 1 hour time required for the brakes to cool down, the crew on the turnaround flights (eg: SIN/HKG/SIN) are allowed to leave the aircraft.

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