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Friday, 14 September 2018

Cabin crew pioneers


pure evil said...

Very long life... they must have very good hearts... ;)

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily. Word is a dead Taiwanese is still looking for her killer. The one convicted last time was not the only culprit.

Anonymous said...

Hard Truth.Most are decent and good managers and so on.Those devils dare not post here due to Karma and so can be cussed.Those who repent and asked for forgiveness deserves long live and good health.

Anonymous said...

They don't look like they're ex crew, probably since they're older now.

Can you post an old picture of them in uniform?

Anonymous said...

Can confirm all were crews or retired.Few died due to karma like kyjelly,Vincent Bo.Those rip include cyril,Paul exclude those Gayee and Lasee.No need to post old pictures ,they are the pioneers.