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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

The world's most OVERRATED airline - Singapore Airlines

SQ is a good airline but has too many faults to really be considered anywhere close to a "best airline".

some of my takes on SQ
1. In Biz, no amenity kits or pajamas even in long flights.
Some terrible seats like those which force people to sit or sleep at an angle due to the cubby hole.
Some of the regional planes such as A330 still have angled seats when the competition already has lie flats for years.
At least SQ is finally phasing those out.

2. In Y, very tight leg space when airlines like JL, OZ, KE offer more leg space.
Prices are almost always higher as well.
The last time i flew in SQ Y a few years ago, ended up with a plane with the old rotating movie selections which arent avod, tight leg space, just ok food and service which did not clear the trays even two hours after food was served.
It was really bad service.

3. F class is the only redeeming feature of SQ.
but even that is offset by the ever rising cost of points needed for redemption. Two high increases in two years i think?
Availability is also rather sketchy on most routes.

Add everything up and im not sure that SQ really deserve "best airline".

From "Guru" a reader of this blog

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The Guru said...

Qatar Airways A380 FIRST CLASS Flight Experience

Someone's recent trip report. See the new plate design for Caviar Service at 8min24s. Qatar Airways gives 2 mother of pearl spoon. 

Only the SQ A380 Suites seat is better than Qatar Airways A380 First Class seat. Everything else...Qatar Airways is better.