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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Japanese Stewardess's hubby a "doctor".

A lovely innocent looking Japanese stewardess by the name of Tomoko was so much in love with a Singaporean called Albert. After a whirlwind courtship, they got married. Albert was a houseman ( trainee doctor) at the General Hospital. He was tall, well built , handsome and a good talker. Tomoko was impressed with everything that Albert did. Why not?, especially a medical graduate from the University of Indiana,USA.

Albert was an extremely friendly doctor at the hospital. He was confident and yet able to empathize with his patients. He was also well liked by his patients' relatives because he was always accommodating and helpful.

To his colleagues, Albert was not as competent as he should be in his work. On many ocassions, Albert would turn to his colleagues for assistance in his work. But then, his colleagues would not mind helping Albert because he was always humble and nice to them.

When Albert was transferred to Toa Payoh Hospital, he was into his fifth month as a houseman. He faltered many times and made silly medical decisions and mistakes. His departmental head found it strange that Albert was ignorant of some simple medical procedures.

"Enough is enough" said Dr. Teo, Albert's departmental head and he personally investigated Albert's background. Dr. Teo decided to check with the university which Albert had acquired the medical degree. To his surprised, he was told that Abert had never attended the university.

Dr. Teo called his superior to inform him of this serious matter.

To cut the story short, Albert was found to have forged his medical degree. Soon after, Albert was arrested, charged and sentenced to 5 months imprisonment.

Hi friends, this story was published in the Straits Times sometime in 1995. Anyone heard about this case before?

BT: I met Albert not too long ago and he proposed doing business with me. He didn't realised I knew about his background.


Anonymous said...

Con man!pitty his wife.

Rajiv said...

Please learn to spell pity

Anonymous said...

I was in school with this person. He used to show me how to forge degree. Cannot believe he actually did it. BT, where is he now.

Boh Tong said...

Heard he is in China.