Sunday, December 3, 2006

Ex-SIA Stewardess gets 13 years' jail.

Singaporeans as well as Malaysians are familiar with this case.However, I republish this article for the benefit of our overseas readers who came as far as places like Denmark,Turkey,UAE, Brazil,China,Japan,New Zealand,Australia and not to mention many more countries besides USA and UK.

ONE-AND-A-HALF years after Sindee Neo’s death fall from a block of flats, her father’s former lover was sentenced to 13 years’ jail for her kidnap and causing her death.
Former SIA lead stewardess Constance Chee Cheong Hin, 37, was found guilty of two charges.
She received three years' jail for kidnapping and ten years for homicide. The sentences are to run consecutively.
Chee, who appeared nervous throughout the verdict yesterday morning, broke into tears when the jail sentence was handed down to her by Justice V.K. Rajah.
But her lawyer Subhas Anandan was overheard telling her: “Don’t cry. At least you did not get life.”
Chee, convicted in January of causing a four-year-old girl to fall to her death, escaped the maximum term of life imprisonment.
The court took into consideration a psychiatric report that Chee’s condition, schizophrenia, will get better with regular and adequate medication.
When she is released from prison, she will be put in the care of her three sisters and will live with one of them.
Chee’s sentence has been backdated to the day of her remand, Oct 8, 2004.
The case, which riveted Singaporeans, had its beginnings in an unlikely love affair: Chee, who dropped out of university to pursue a flying career with SIA, took up with married rag-and-bone man Neo Eng Tong, 34, Sindee’s father.
The pair later broke up, but a
disagreement over S$40,000 (RM91,000) Neo apparently owed her continued.
Then, on Oct 7, 2004, Chee abducted Sindee from the family home in Telok Blangah Crescent. The girl was later found lying at the bottom of the block of flats.
She died five days later.
On Jan 24, Chee was convicted of intentionally causing the girl to fall from an unknown floor of the block. – The Straits Times / Asia News Network , Saturday April 8, 2006


Ex chief stewardess Constance Chee......Yesterday and today I notice there is a sudden surge in the number of visitors to my blog. Most of them were searching for Constance Chee who was responsible for her lover's daughter death a few years ago.

May someone please tell me why people are now interested in Constance's case when it has happened a few years ago?     (07 Dec 2011)


Anonymous said...

So sad for her.. Someone with a dream career of so many woman but ended this way.

Boh Tong aka Luke Tan said...

Agreed,it is sad. To occupy her time in prison,she should start blogging too....that is provided the authorities allow her to..but fat chance.

Paul said...

It was the basis for the 1st episode of In Cold Blood, a new series on Channel 5.

Boh Tong aka Luke Tan said...

Thanks Paul

Andrew said...

If I can See her, I would Advice her not to Trust anybody too easily as well as not to react impulsively. Because if you Trust someone who is out to cheat you of your money, You will lose your money permanently, And if you react impulsively, If you cause someone to die, You will feel regret and Rage from your Victim's Family members that you will have to deal with. That's Why I would Advice whoever that read this post: Don't commit Crime and Think before Committing a Crime. Crime Doesn't pay.

Rio said...

How about crime watch?