Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Stewardess Sue's comments on PPS/SOLITAIRE Passengers.

Below is a comment I have received from a Stewardess in response to my article on "Cocky PPS Passengers" which I posted here on 30 Oct.2006.

At 8:27 PM, sue said...
I totally agree with u..

those Pps can afford to travel business/first class cos of their company budget.. Their company pay for their tickets, & accumulate their miles, therefore they are PPS...

if they go holiday themselves which i haven seen alot. eg. hkg/bkk/tpe.. they sit in ecomomy class.. y? simply because they cant afford the exp business class airface..

if you are those damn rich, u will always travel business class evn when u go holidays..

At 8:33 PM, sue said...
i did a flight recently & this solitaire in ECONOMY class asked me for a copy of the newspapers..

Currently economy have ran out of papers.. It's impossible for everyone to have a copy of the paers, & therefore i told him 'sir currently i dun have, i check & i come back to you'..

he immediately took out his solitaire card & pass to me 'u take this cAd to business class & they will pass u one copy of the paper'..

I told this old CHINESE idiot 'sir, u dun have to show me your card, i will try my best to help anyone here if i can'..

then i went to business class & asked the crew for a paper but the because business class was still boarding pax, & therefore at the moment they are not able to spare me a copy..

I returned & told the old IDIOT & say i will come back to him. Without a word, he walkeds to Business class & took a copy of the papr fromthe trolley..

Meanwhile i was end of the aircraft helping another ppassenger with his bag, this old idiot came to me & show me the card again & say 'THIS CARD HAD NO PROBLEM IN GETTING 10 COPIES OF THE PAPERS FOR ME''.then he walk away..

Anyone like to comment?


BookLover said...

This is a problem with functional silos. The PPS club is designed to make Customers feel good by the Company. Execution at crew level is an issue. If crews feel that PPS members flashed their cards to get some "extra" service and call them names, PPS program has failed. We should SIA Leadership team to look at all these comments and work on the PPS program and crew training to send consistent message to Passengers.

Anonymous said...

I think the attitude of the crew should change. Firstly ask yourselves why customers are willing to pay so much for the flight? If the service provided by the crew is not up to standard, why should the passengers pay for the premium price? In a sense, the passenger is right, since they are the so-called PPS club, they are entitled to great service. Crew should make this 'special group' feel special.If not, the service is no different from a budget flight. SIA crew should feel happy that there are passenger who want Best service and demand more. SIA should be afraid if all passengers are practical and do not mind poor service bcos they want to save more. Asking for a newspaper is not so much. Isn't is the SIA's aim to make passengers feel special and pamper? If the crew who serve me has this attitude, I doubt I ever fly with SIA again.

Anonymous said...

Sue can't help the way she felt. Sue wasn't rude to the pax.This is the platform for her to air her frustration and there is nothing wrong with that. I am sure if you were in her shoes you would feel the same too.
There are all kinds of paxs.No matter how SIA pleases them,there will still be some who are not satisfied.
SIA PPS Club is one of the best in the world and it is nobody's fault,not SIA,not the crew but the individual pax's. He was abusing his position as a solitarie pax.It is a character flaw,badly brought up by his parents.Doesn't mean you pay your fare you will get whatever you demand.There is always a limit to the type of service a crew could render.
Maybe to that old pax with the solitaire card,it also mean that when he flashes his card,he could get 10 SIA stewardesses.It tantamounts to that isn't it?

Anonymous said...

True agree with you. If the PPS think they can slap, verbally abuse the crew, and kick the crew whenever they feel like it then it is the customers fault. SIA should then protect the crew's welfare and human rights since they are human beings and not slave. But asking for a newspaper is not too much too ask for right? Perhaps the tone of the crew is also important. Why would the passenger feel offended? Is it the tone? I believe the reason why SIA can be the number 1 airline is because their main objective is customers is always right. ( though sometimes they are not like that unreasonable jap passenger who want the airplane.) This is my point of view. The reason why SIA is so successful is bcos there are some excellent veteran like Boh Tong who is willing to go the extra mile for passengers. Who made them feel at home. The love of serving others is also important. Minimising the gap of both the crew and passenger expectations will serve SIA well. To know that SIA motto is always to give the best to passengers. I hope those unreasonable passengers don't think they can get away with crimes like abusing the crew. But expecting the best from the service crew is the expectations of SIA passengers.

Boh Tong said...

The crew should try to 'humour'the passengers even if the crew thinks the pax is too much.It takes skill to handle difficult and demanding paxs. At the end of the day,the pax should feel he gets the service he expected and the crew feel the satisfaction of pleasing this type of paxs.
Like GSL said (above),if the pax crosses the line and abuse the crew,then it is another matter.

Anonymous said...

PPS pax but he was travelling in EY and not on one of his usual biz trips? I think Sue did her best by offering to check in JCL if there were any newspapers for him, if he walks about and takes the newspaper by himself, then others might follow. There must be a system on board the A/C. It was natural for Sue to get upset with him.
The QuizMan.

Anonymous said...

I not going to join the debate to state the rights of the PPS pax or the attitude of the stewardess. What is more important is whether the case in question, of asking for a newspaper warrant such behaviour. Whether it's this old man solitaire pax or the stewardess you side it depends on which side of the scale you choose to place your weight in.

My question is: Is it appropriate to flash the PPS to warrant attention. I know that most of the crew are turned off by such acts, threats and name droppings. Of course, they are trained to be professional and to be mindful of their body language when they have to response to irate pax.

Holding a solitaire does not necessarily mean that you are a heavy weight in some huge corporation, etc. All you need is the mileage achieved. Is this guy seeking attention?

I came across many small men acting big. And respectfully, also many big names, like Mr. Robert Kwok who are ever so gracious and thoughtful!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above statement about Robert Kuok.In fact,I posted an article here about that gentleman. Wonderful,always courteous and full of humility.Robert Kuok deserves all the billions he has and the great respect he commands.
He had even 'tar pow' and personally carried 18 pkts. of Char Siew Duck Rice from the then famous Lee Hok Fook restaurant at Bayswater for me and my crew once.

BookLover said...

Those who mind do not matter, those who matter do not mind.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Booklover's comments, in fact the first comment right at the top makes sense. If only senior mgt can take a look at this forum and the debate that is going on. The countless meetings that they have do not address the root problems because most meeting members will not be talking so openly and candidly about issues like we would here in this forum. People at meetings are usually fearful of bringing up issues for reasons of their own.
The QuizMan.

randon cabin crew said...

gsl. You have never worked for Singapore Airlines, so you probably wouldn't understand the difficulties that cabin crew encounter. So I implore you to just shut the f**k up.

gst said...

randon cabin crew u are outrageously rude!!! I don't want a crew like u to serve me when I fly with SQ.

randon cabin crew said...

gst, I do apologize for the use of rude language. Having said that, I still think you are an ignorant and self centered individual as you make no attempt to empathize with the SIA stewardesses.

And as to why SIA is number one in the world. It is because the company will bow to almost any pressure from passengers.

And one more thing to you gsl, gst, or whatever. You don't want me to serve you on a flight, eh?? Well if there is ever a time where you or your loved ones need CPR or need to be evacuated from a burning aircraft, well you can look for someone else. And if no one is around, well too damm bad.

Unknown said...

Actually Sue should have respected the Solitaire card and ignored the old fart. Take the card from him, bring it to Biz Class and ask her colleague to pin it to a newspaper when available and call her. Then go back and say "Sir, your card is being processed". Like that he has to wait because she already attended to his card. Ha, ha, ha ... All ATM's work this way.