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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tips on how to pass the 1st round of SIA Flight Attendant Interview.

The above walk-in interview will be held at Concorde Hotel on 9 March 2013. Click here.


  • Wear business suits or dressed up smartly.
  • When coming into contact with the reception staff to show your documents,height measurements etc. be nice and courteous (these staff has strong influence on the interviewers. One unfavourable comment from them to the interviewers and you are out)
  • Remember to wear that charming smile on your face.
  • Wear some perfume and light make-up ( girls only).
  • Sit upright and do not slouch.
  • Swith off your mobile phones.
  • Read up a little bit on SIA's history,management setup, types of airplanes they have etc.
  • Do not bad-mouth SIA even to your co-applicants,always say nice things.
  • Do not ever wear tattered and torn jeans/clothings or earings/studs on your nose,lips etc. even they are supposed to make you look 'cool' because the interviewers are a little 'old-fashioned'
  • No tattoos.
  • Mustn't tell them you are attending the interview because you are on the 'way' to the city etc.
  • Don't chew gums.
  • Don't talk loudly or be noisy even outside of the interview rooms.
  • Don't be or looked nervous,just be cool and calm.
The above are only guidelines to a successful interview. Observing the above will give you an advantage but not necessarily the job.

Good luck,

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Anonymous said...

hi.. if i got a small mole on my cheek will i still get a pass or a fail?

Anonymous said...

Why shd SIA take you when the others are better in complexion?

Anonymous said...

Is the personality that they are looking for. If they want you, they will tell you to do something about it. No big deal. :D

Anonymous said...

hello..I'd like to ask you about SIA..SIA will have interview for flight attendant in Jakarta..I want it so badly but I googling and searched some experience about interview with SIA..I have a skin scars and I heard that SIA would be check it..How can I pass that one ??Thankyou

Anonymous said...

Have scars? Why should SIA take you when there are hundreds who have good skin?