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Monday, 29 October 2007

Crew also has good sense of humour,you know.

Below is a comment from my post titled "Lufthansa also make $$ mah" by a crew( I assumed)making fun of the description I posted above about myself. This guy has a great sense of humour ( I hope its humour and not bitterness towards us,former cabin crew executives who were their teachers and mentors):

Anonymous said...
I was with Singapore Airlines( SIA) for 35 years as a TYRANT cabin crew and TYRANT executive. I left the airlines during the SARS period of 2003 when SIA was losing huge sums of $$ (in our pockets mah! ) Today,SIA has recouped its loses and make tons of $$ and is the first airlines to fly the super jumbo of A380. Congrats Singapore Airlines and we ,ex CCEs love you and want to come back to work with our LIP-SERVICE that other Airlines talk about and we want to WISH you all the best with our LIPS!

11:45 PM


Anonymous said...

sure, just kiss my ass

Anonymous said...

ok la ...mmmmuck..keke