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Monday, 26 November 2007

A serious allegation against the ex CCEs.

Reproduced below is a comment from "Cash cash Baby" a visitor to this blog under my earlier post heading "Don't pray,pray, we CCEs..." The writer claimed she/he is an IFS (Inflight Supervisor) with SIA that the ex-CCEs ( Cabin Crew Executives..people like myself)were corrupt and accepted money from the junior crew in exchange for giving them good appraisals and helping them get promoted.
On the left hand column of this page is a little opinion poll which ask you readers for your opinion on the above allegation.

Anonymous said...
Ha Ha, i had to pay for good check reports in order to be promoted to IFS. THE TOTAL AMOUNT WAS REALLY SUBSTANTIAL!

All of you CCEs were accepting payment for good check reports and recommendations.

HA HA, and now you all deny this money making racket.

of course the CPIB had to catch anyone because all the transactions were done overseas.

Cash Cash Baby, Cash Cash baby.12:25 AM
Anonymous said...
For those who do not understand what is going on.....

a check report is a performance appraisal done periodically by CCEs, the management staff of Cabin Crew.

CCEs periodically come on board the flights to do performance appraisals on the various levels of CABIN CREW.

If the CCEs do not like you and you get a bad check appraisal, this can lead to a poor performance record which greatly affects your chances of promotions and how fast you get promoted.

This situation became for many CCEs a fast money making scam and various Cabin Crew members had to pay exhorbitant amounts to get a good check appraisal.

But of course, all the check appraisals were done 45,000feet up in the air, in the aeroplanes on the different routes to different destinations......and the crew would receive a note in our boxes informing us that we will be on check on the coming flights in our rosters and were hinted to bring some "EXTRA shopping money" on that particular flight.

and the money would be given to the CCEs during the flight when we are given the check appraisal for endorsement.

now that i have my IFS, i am not afraid to reveal how i got my rank.



Anonymous said...

To this IFS, siang steady is U la !

Anonymous said...

This one not IFS but a scum la! Tok cock where gt cce take $$

Anonymous said...

If this IFS had to bribe for a good check report, that means his performance is not up to par and he lacks character. He has to buy his promotion. Anyway, a good check does not guarantee a promotion. He is the corrupted one, but he is blaming others for his poor character. I suspect this person is not an IFS. Guess who? XCrew

Anonymous said...

Bravo XCrew for speaking out the truth! . Ex CCE (CT)

Dare_me said...

when the first whistle blower question about TT Durai, he was make bankrupt and had to apologized to TT Durai on the paper. Every body including Mrs. Peanut vouch for him. When the second Whistle blower came, the prime minister wife trusted him, Mrs. Peanut supported him, but when he was question in court with proof, he surrendered without further question...So does the CCE comes clean ? I belief what IFS say is true.

Lily Ann said...

Wah... if such really do exist, I would have paid to get promoted. And by now, a bitchy CCE (a young one somemore....)
How come I so stupid? Work like shit!?
I don't believe the crap that so called IFS said.

Anonymous said...

I support what Lily said. If there was such a thing,I wld not mind paying money to the cces so I cld also be promoted. In fact I was willing to sleep with a few of them (handsome ones off course)in order to win their favour get promoted but they wont fall into my trap.So the IFS is taking cock and out to smear the ex cces.

Anonymous said...

So how much is a good report? come out and say the sum. We are curious.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dare do u noe wat u ar toking abt? Go n f*** beh den cm bck here n u be sober again u chi hong.

Anonymous said...

yah lor, pay pay money to become CCE, then pay pay money to become IFS, then pay pay money to become SHIT STEWARD, then pay pay money to become LICK STEWARD..........

Anonymous said...

got no money to bribe can forget about promoting to IFS lor.

otherwise chee-bye or backside can TEAR mah!

Anonymous said...

prices excluding GST



3.IFS - VERY GD - 80% -$1000




C.IFS - EXCELLENT -95%-$1200

Dare_me said...

Anonymous, looks like this comment me by the IFS had hit the nial on your head! Just read what BT had written from the begining, it just show that how the senior bully the junior and abuse their authority, how they steal (offload) from the plane, those young stewardess being force into having sex in exchange for good appraisal. Batches and batches of new trainee being taunted and sexually abuse from their seniors and the cockpit crews. If BT is a good and honest guy, he should have reported all this since he claimed to be a good CCE. Why he only starts to reveal all this after being redundant by SIA.. Strangely, he only likes to condemn Beh in his blog. (i suspect there must be some hidden secret between them) So who is the chee hong? Guess you must be one who feel guilty when this can of worms is being opened.

Lily Ann said...

Ayy.....I've not been paid for giving good checks on the junior crew!!!!
I don't care I demand payment.

Anonymous said...

That corrupted whistle blower IFS must be making tons of money, because being Crew in charge, he would be given appraisal reports to check on his subordinates. And wow, he has got Chiefs, Leadings and Galley crew under him - so many to make money from. You guys out there, look out for this IFS, who probably would not deligate an appraisal for the Chiefs and Leadings to check, because he wants to sapu all the $$. When you fly with this IFS, you better carry lots of money if you want an excellent report. In this scam, only the galley crew and flight stewardess suffer because they have no subordinates to check. Hey all ranking crew, wake up, there's money to be made. XCrew.

Anonymous said...

ho ah! ho ah! lai ah! lai ah!
all you should start collecting check report money!
all should be happy to pay, then let all fatt choy.

all can get promoted and also all can earn extra money.
tai ka fatt choy!!

now they no longer in the airlines, all should start collecting money like the old dinosaurs did no need them to control the territory liao loh.

Anonymous said...

Last time got one bastard Leading Steward SUNIL always make me off load all the Booze overseas for IFS DEREK to drink.

And also the Chief Steward ALVIN pakak with him to off load almost the whole bar cart.

Then they not happy with me because Derek like me a lot and they got jealous because i junior stewardess.

One day that Sunil purposely give me VERY BAD CHECK because of IFS liking me. So i quit.

Any idea if that bloody bastard fat indian man still flying?


Anonymous said...

dont worry, when you fly with me sure smooth sailing one.

i not the type when you dont pay i will tekkan you.

just take note of the price list.

this is the legacy left behind by "them". everybody been through it already.

Anonymous said...

one flight can earn extra $400 to $600.

why not ?

Anonymous said...

i know who BOH TONG is!

He ex IFS!

Last time he also pakak with the CCE to collect money!