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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Something's not right with the pilots.

Yesterday a court in Singapore fined an ex-pilot S$4,000 for making false delivery calls to his former colleague. The ex pilot was pissed off with the other captain for telling him off about his attire.
A few years ago,another pilot was jailed for 2 weeks for road rage. He punched an old motorist for honing at him.
There was also a case of a pilot who was sacked because of he was found in an aircraft toilet with a stewardess.Both were flying back as passengers and were intoxicated with free alcohol.
During one of my long night flights to Heathrow I was in the cockpit and witnessed this incidence. The captain was telling me about the how upstart the junior crew were like, subtly referring to the one on his right hand seat.
On realising the captain was referring to people like him,the co-pilot turned, looked at his captain and asked whether he could express his opinion on the subject. "Go ahead and give us your 2 cents worth" said the captain.
"You captains are assholes",the FO (first officer/co-pilot)shot at his captain...."Err..I don't mean you but most are.." he quickly corrected himself. " Ok tell us why do you think we captains are asshole".
The FO related a few encounters he had with other captains he flew with and the one that shocked me was a story about an expatriate captain who almost landed his plane on a highway in New Zealand.
It was dark during that landing approach and the captain was guided by the lights along the highway,thinking it was a runway. Much earlier before the approach, the FO alerted the captain it was not the runway where he was approaching. The captain shouted at him and said "young man I have been in and out of this damn place before you went to school, so shut your gap!"
As the plane approached nearer to the "runway" the captain then realised his mistake. It was fortunate the plane did not land on the highway,thanks to the FO.
We have no way of verifying what the FO said was true or not. I found out later on the FO was an ex fighter pilot with SAF holding the rank of a major before becoming a commercial pilot.
I believe the odd behaviour the flying crew are having (cabin crew included)are due to the long hours of confining themselves in the tube (plane) which are artificially pressurised to the equivalent of 8,000 to 10,000 ft above sea level as well as their difficulty in adjusting to the various time zones. For the cabin crew,another factor was the PITA passengers who gave them lots of pressure. In case you want to rebut me on what I said,please remember I was a crew and I know what I am talking about ok? Me cranky too huh?'s for you to form a conclusion...never mind I had my head "examined" before and it's .......hahaha.


Anonymous said...

That is easy to verify from CVR and FDR, but outside the CC authority.

Anonymous said...

At least the FO is found with a stewardess, not a steward :-)