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Friday, 16 November 2007

What about this captain?

Captain J was a captain with an ego as big as the A380. He boasted he was the best pilot SIA ever had. He used to tell the cabin crew to hold a cup full of water during the aircraft landing and it won't spilled a drop because he could land the plane smoothly. But many a times,I myself had experienced the cup of water being thrown over the cabin floor when the plane landed. When told of the spillage,capt J would point to his co-pilot and told us it was the co-pilot who landed the plane. However, whenever it was a smooth landing,capt J would claim the credit even though we knew the landing was by his co-pilot.
Capt. J loved caviar and although there was a perpetual shortage of caviar,he would somehow twisted the supervisors' arms into getting served with caviar in the cockpit.
Capt J boasted endlessly about being good to the cabin crew. There was a time when the crew had problem with a violent passenger,capt J sheepishly locked himself in the cockpit and let the supervisor fend for his crew.
It wasn't just caviar,it was about everything else that he wanted to have priority...even over passengers.
I knew capt J for almost 30 years before his retirement and he had never ever bought me a cup of coffee.
Capt J was a miser and before even he retired,he owned a string of houses.
I understand he still gives the check in staff at the airport lots of problem whenever he uses his free of charge ticket because they didn't address him as captain so and so.
Frankly,the ground staff do not care two hoots who you are or were as long as you are no longer their superior!


Anonymous said...

Wa Lau eh, this Captain sure is a lousy one. Stingy guy, but have you met pple who organise a crew gathering for eg and pay the bill first but collect more from each person so that he/she does not need to pay plus maybe profit from it.

Anonymous said...

Yes there are many ppl out there who would exploit their colleagues to the fullest!They are cheapskates!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I met one coll who just did that. Went out for a gathering and he paid the bill and then collected more from everyone so at the end, he gained from the whole thing. Asked him about it and he pretended to be unsure and then avoided me after that so that I wont ask again. Weirdo!

Anonymous said...
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