Wednesday, December 12, 2007

From rags to riches and riches to ....(2)

Tim and Thea was a loving couple and the envy of their friends. Thea had proven to be a wonderful mistress and in less than three years, they got married. They tried hard but was childless.
One day,Thea had a call from someone in China informing the death of her father. Thea was summoned back to China by her late father's lawyers. Apparently,Thea's father had left her a will and she had to return to China to claim the will. In fact,Thea was the sole beneficiary of her father's estate.
All along,Thea had never told Tim she was from a fabulously rich family and her dad had dotted on her to the extend that she too pampered and ran away,leaving her dad to run his business on his own.
Now,Tim came to know the truth about Thea and he was so happy thanking his lucky star for having a rich, young,beautiful wife.
The next day after receiving the news, both Tim and Thea left for China. When they arrived,they were met at the airport and whisked away by their lawyers.
Believed you me, Thea was told she had inherited a fortune of about S$20 million.
Tim couldn't hold back his greed filled emotion and in front of Thea's lawyers, screaming and boasting how lucky he was to have Thea as his wife!
Finally when the whole thing about the inheritance was settled, both husband and wife flew back to Singapore.
So you now think that Tim was a happy rich old husband?? be contd....


Anonymous said...

BT, thanks for your support. You are still going strong. A Teh Halia toast to you! BL

Anonymous said...

U are welcome BL...Yum Seng with teh halia??...hehehe