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Thursday, 20 December 2007

The honesty of people the world over.

According to the article "Misplaced gold Rolex? Fret not if you're in S'pore" published in Singapore Straits Times forum page on 19 December 2007, I agree with the writer. However, not only are people in Singapore honest, staff of Singapore Airlines are honest too.

There were many cases of passengers carelessly leaving cash,diamond rings,credit cards,wallets,brief cases etc. etc. in the aircrafts when they disembarked only to get them back in no time. Some of these passengers' lost items found by the ground cleaning staff,security personnel and cabin crew were specially flown by SIA and delivered to their doorsteps in their countries,free of charge.

I have a friend who took the trouble to trace the owners of two wallets stashed with cash,credit cards and even 4D slips he found and returned them. Another friend "U-turned" when he was miles away from the airport on his way home, to declare to the custom officers of something which he had forgotten to declare earlier.

There many cases of honest Singapore cabbies who returned to their passengers valuables they found left in their taxis.

During my 35 years of travelling overseas and staying in different countries, I have found Singaporeans and Japanese to be the most honest.

In Japanese hotels, many of our crew had the experiences of having their "left behind valuables" returned to them.

In places like Hong Kong,London,the USA,China,Africa,Indonesia,India,Europe etc one would be considered lucky if not pickpocketed or mucked,let alone get their "left behind valuables" returned to them by cabbies,hotel staff etc.

There was a story of an American lady being robbed in Europe as early as in 1922. Click here for full story.


XCrew said...

Many years ago a paper bag containing more than a million SIN dollars in foreign currencies was left in the seat pocket of SQ flight arriving into SIN from TPE. After passengers had disembarked the crew did a routine check of the cabin and found the bag with the monies in the seat pocket of the Economy cabin. The crew-in-charge surrendered the found items to the company. XCrew

Anonymous said...

That's right xcrew....I heard about that too..kudos to our crew.