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Monday, 28 January 2008

Alamak another complaint ah!

I BOARDED a Singapore Airlines flight to Kuala Lumpur (SQ108) on Jan 19.
I was given a bulkhead seat, which is near the exit and the cabin crew's take-off seats. I noticed that during take-off and landing, the cabin crew were busy chit-chatting with each other.

I am a former flight attendant (not with SQ) and it was drilled into us by our safety trainers to always go through the emergency procedures in our minds during take-offs and landings (as these are crucial moments of a flight) so that we can react immediately if there is indeed an unplanned emergency.Click here to continue
Source: Straits Times Forum 28 January 2008

If the above complaint is true then I think it was wrong of the crew to chat during those crucial moments of take-offs and landings.
Was that a B777 aircraft? Is the IFS's take-off and landing seat shared with a flight steward(with whom he was seen chatting) as alleged in the complaint or was it supposed to be a stewardess? My apology for posing those questions as I have left the airlines more than 4 years ago and can't remember the sitting position of the cabin crew.
Well SQ crew you are perpetually under close scrutiny by members of the public and I urge you to be always conscious of that. Remember you are the best airlines on this planet and that's the reason people are always watching you.

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