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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Apology from SIA!

My poor ex-boss has to "quai quai" apologize to that ms Tan who complained against the leading stewardess for telling her she would come back with the English newspaper for her father who can't even speak English.
Aiya what to do when you choose a name like SIA which stands for Sir I Apologise or in this case its Seow-cheir I Apologise.
Below is the apology:

SIA says sorry for cabin crew's behaviour

I REFER to the letter by Ms Tan Ai Ching, Serene (my paper, Jan 23).

We apologise for Ms Tan's unpleasant experience. We have looked into this issue following her feedback.

Demand for The Straits Times was higher than usual during Ms Tan's flight, and our crew, therefore, asked customers who were travelling together to share copies.

We have stressed the need for our cabin crew staff to be mindful of the manner in which they communicate with our customers.

I would like to assure Ms Tan that no offence was meant.

Mr William Koh
Divisional Vice-President,
Cabin Crew Operations
Singapore Airlines


Anonymous said...

The same thing could be said to SIA, hey, you don't like the pax, close down the airline lah

Anonymous said...

Why set so high standard for the job with basic requirement "minimum 5 "O level" passes"? Just because they can "fly" ? haha, very funny.
Any professional waiting staff in the top tier hotel industry has a better attitude than cabin crew, because they are more "down to earth" :-) Don't waste your time to complain and "feedback". Is it time to try out other airlines. When their business get hit, and company starts cutting headcount, these so-called "flying-models" will then open their eyes to realise who actually pay for their monthly allowances. (CC's basic salary is equivalent to most hotel waiting staff, dunno why they are so arrogant leh) :-)

Anonymous said...

It costs SIA nothing to issue such statements, cheapo !!

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and try other airlines! Come back and tell us your story.