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Monday, 14 January 2008

Retirement means death, Singapore's elder statesman says

Agence France-Presse - 1/14/2008 8:32 AM

Retiring to take it easy is a sure route to death, Singapore's 84-year-old founding father Lee Kuan Yew was quoted as saying Monday.

Lee, who remains active despite his advanced years, told a conference statistics show that people tend to die shortly after retiring, and that the most important lesson he has learned is that we all need stimuli.

"If you believe that at 55, you're retiring, you're going to read books, play golf and drink wine, then I think you're done for," he said in comments published by The Straits Times.

Lee retired as prime minister in 1990, but remains in the cabinet as Minister Mentor and is also chairman of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC).

He is a frequent speaker in Singapore and regularly conducts diplomatic missions abroad.

"I don't much like travel but I travel very frequently despite the jet lag, because I get to meet people of great interest to me," he said.

"It is the stimuli, it is the constant interaction with people across the world that keeps me aware and alive to what's going on and what we can do to adjust to this different world," he said.

Lee added that he asks people who want to retire at age 62, "You really want to die quickly?"

He said his advice is: "Keep yourself interested, have a challenge."

Lee was also quoted as saying that in his younger days he smoked, had a big belly, and "was really fond of drinking beer".

He said he enjoyed golf but later found it took too long, so he took up running instead.

In his early 70s, Lee had a stent installed in one of his arteries, he was quoted as telling the conference on Sunday after he made a whirlwind trip to visit the critically ill former Indonesian president Suharto in Jakarta.

Suharto, 86, suffered multiple organ failure on Friday and was hooked to a ventilator.

After he stepped down in 1998 after 32 years in power Suharto lived quietly at his modest Jakarta home.

PS: Now you know the reasons I passionately blog,spends hours on my PC and scolds people who misbehave


Anonymous said...

I have listened to this man for over 40 years, and believed him for over 40 years. Now I consider whatever he says, he means himself. Rightly so, how can he ever envisage the ground when the information he gets are from people who tells him what they think he likes to hear? I just got back from Causeway point and I saw a middle-aged man kneeling at the base of the escalator selling tissues. I guess he is still listening to MM and working! What the aged in Singapore want is to have dignity! Are we going that way? Where are the jobs with dignity that the man in Causeway Point would rather not have but to depend on the public's sympathy?
My suggestion to MM, if he considers himself still working, is to travel incognito, in the land that he supposedly has worked for alll his life, to see for himself what is happening in the heartlands, instead of browsing reports by his scholarly academics, in the comfort of his air-conditioned mansion. Sweat a bit in the hot and humid climate of his heartlands, that will open his eyes, so that his future speeches will resonate with his people, instead of with the foreign "talents' that his government is so keen on bringing into Singapore.

Anonymous said...

The Emperor and his new cloths, how true !!

Anonymous said...

Suharto & Co.... They had been enriching themselves and live like Royal families..... Haven't they had enjoyed billions times much more more than us???????

Respect.... should be earned... Not asking!!!!!!

If he had live humbly and drawing a decent salaries......and sarcrifices that he had commited. Well, I'll be the first to pay respect to him....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Political nemesis will be born as the grandchildren of these money grabbing, corrupted politicians. They always end up leaving their ill gotten gains to their political nemesis.