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Monday, 21 January 2008

Senior cabin crew continues.....

Hello guys don't be offended hor. See so many negative comments about you asses. There was one who called his neighbour and IFS si-peh how lian ( boster cock).Day in night out "talked about his crew ,talked about ................" Heloo people gets tired of your BS need to tell your neighbour about your "wonderful" job....but at least this ass ifs is better than those who complain to their friends,relatives,neighbours about their company.
Wake up la you silly asses cos the airlines does not owe you a living ok....if at all the airlines owed it to the CCE (C/T)s for training dumbasses cabin crew how to look and care for the ungrateful paxs so wonderfully well....hehe everyone kena tekan from uncle here.


Anonymous said...

do u thk i am a gay by btw i blog??

3:51 PM

Anonymous said...
Sorry lar, the way you wrote your blog does give impression of "sissiness" or showed that you are "bitchy" in some ways. That is not really how a veteran cabin crew behave, epecially from a so-called "senior" person. In every industry, when you retired from you job, you should still pay respect to your past career and those colleagues still serving passengers. Moreover, you were someone serving in Raffles class and First class before (I assumed), I am one of the passengers flying in all those classes of flight too, I can't really see the integrity of your character when seeing the way you made certain comments..and IMHO, when you started this blog with a catchy title "...served with SIA for 35 years ..." You were asking for certain amount of respect from people, didn't you? However, the way you answer to your dear bloggers , is so "bitchy" to me. Anyway, there are rooms for improvement. I hope you keep up with your good work, share with us more "updated" stories lor. In fact, what your fren (SS Tan) is doing is good you know. The more you criticise him, or make fun of him/the younger cabin crew wannabes, it reflects very bad on makes you sound like "lau ah kua" ...Sorry lar, just borrow your word...:-)

11:45 PM

Anonymous said...

If those colleagues are asses they better wake up. I am doing them a favour cos they are like frogs in the well. 1 day they will appreciate me for saying those things. Hello call me wahtever u want la.Pls la i didnt ask 4 respect ok? 35 yrs service is the truth! Anyway,i thank u 4 ur comments and it shows u really care abt my

Anonymous said...

Hi BT, it is me again. I saw your training ads. Well done!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Aiyo "its me again" ....who's that,nv left names or 2 guess..pls la be precise..
BT lol

SFS said...

"There are still many senior cabin crew especially the inflight supervisors and chief stewards/stewardesses who think they are indispensable to the airlines. They feel the airlines owe them a living and they are the people who will make or break the company.
These crew complain about almost everything,about their flight patterns,hotels, working conditions,retirement ages, their bosses ( this one I don't blame them)etc.etc."

Sorry ah Uncle BT, last time you are also one of them doing and saying the same thing what...When you are there you have the power to stop those XXXX IFS and Chiefs, get them out of SIA, but you choose to do nothing like all the CCEs' so now they are still there doing the same old shit, Can I blame you then??? Anyway no body like or respect those Ex CCE or CTS they sucks,no welfare, no leadership, it has always been like that from then till present.

It is me again (ISMA) said...

BT, it is “It is me again" :-)

I find any Flight Attendant (FA) who thinks too high of oneself (most of them think they are “good-looking “ or holding a “high-class” job) and turn that into a "bad attitude" on duty is people who doesn’t deserve any respect from the passengers .

Come to think of it, Flight Attendants are waiters/waitresses serving in the air,
but, what differentiates them from the ground waiters/waitresses is that they have extra responsibilities to help passengers conform to international aviation safety regulations on board , and they are there to ensure all passengers enjoy a pleasant flight. Also, they play the role similar to “hotel butler” (this one sounds better and more high-class right?) or even as a concierge on board. However, many of them abuse their job authority and are not willing to serve. At times, I was wondering are those nasty FAs on duty are more concerned about their sex buddy waiting at the destination, or too busy finding way to “off-load” more premium wine from Buz class or 1st Class so much so that they don’t have time serving the passengers? I think some of them really take this job a ride just for the sake of free travel and free goodie on board. There was once, while passengers were busy disembarking, a female FA was busy pouring wine into a thermo flash at the gallery. I had seen it with my own eyes , and it was SIA, mind you!

Generally, I find junior FAs and senior male FAs are more attentive and have great smile. Maybe BT can explain why. Those arrogant and with big attitude are most likely the senior female FAs , particularly those in red kebaya. I only met once a very senior female FA manager in brown kebaya appeared in buz class, but she was nice though. I wondered what extra power the red kebaya does to the female FAs...most of them are not only unfriendly but are PLUMP! (Do you think it is the color that makes ppl look bigger? Or they are just too “Senior” with age and growing with fat?) These plump red pumpkins used to stand at the entrance to demand for “Boarding pass!” without a “Please”, worst still, without a smile.

Honestly, SIA has lost its charm in its in flight service in recent years. After flying CX buz class several times last year, I would say CX has much more to offer in service and it is priced more competitively. Most importantly, I noticed CX crew don’t discriminate Asian passengers on baord, could this due to company culture too? The FA manager even come to chat with you before take off. And they don’t address you Mr. X, Madam Y SO LOUD and so clear that the everyone in the cabin knows who you are. It puzzles me often why SIA requests their FAs do such thing? Just imagine a male pax with a last name , GAY, or a female pax with last name , BAI. Oh dear…I find addressing passengers with “Sir” or “Madam” is as polite and suffice. As for in the 1st Class, I suggest FAs be even more careful and refrain from calling passenger’s last name so loud and clear….what if the guy’s last name happens to be Durai??? LOL

Don’t get me wrong, I have never received any ill treatment from SIA crew. I just observed there are indeed MANY rude FAs, and their attitude towards passenger are selective and that irks me a lot. I get good service regardless which class I travel. 95% of the time, my requests were fulfilled. I never complained or give FAs hard time even the service is not good. I always believe they have tried their best in fulfilling my reasonable requests. I think I am a very courteous passenger lar ..Or, because I am as “good looking” like them leh? You know what, passengers like to be served by “good looking” FAs, FAs like to serve “good looking” AND good manner passengers too , I guess lar, LOL.

To those arrogant/immature FAs who read this, I am sure you have seen more places and have met various types of people along the way in the your profession, sadly, your vast traveling experience does not lead you to more humility. A FA with big attitude or who discriminates passengers by race or color is like a professional Accountant who has forgotten the basic accounting principles, it is just plain useless carrying a big title.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me it pot calling kettle black. Who is the arrogant/immature one, after reading your post it only shows that you are not from service industry. Who would you look our for to save your life if there is an emergency, mind you its the waiter up in the sky wor....

ISMA said...

Why get offended? As long as you are not one of them. :-P

Agreed, I am immature lar, otherwise I won't be replying your comment by the way. :-)

Who will I look out for during air emergency? I think Flight Attendants are capable of performing CPR and some simple emergency measures only. Otherwise, why are they paging for doctor on board?

In the event of "take-off"/"landing" emergencies (you know what I mean), if the Flight Attendants are not panic as the passengers, their instructions will be followed. I was just wondering if you (I presume you are a Cabin Crew) would just stand there "complain and complain" that no one listens to your instruction. BTW, make sure you check thoroughly that all passengers are cleared before you evacuate yourself. That is part of your big responsibilities too! :-P

ISMA said...

BT, please allow me to make my point clear to the dear cabin crew:

Referring to CC job, please remember that "respect is earned". If your behaviour on board does not earn you enough respect from passengers, in a long run, why should passengers have high regards of you anymore?

Referring to passenger complaints, if you do an excellent job and treat your job with great respect in term of providing top services, I don't see why complaints can't be minimized. Moreover, "How to handle difficult customers" is something everyone will learn, from top lawyer, doctor, accountant, to even a hawker. You are trained in this specific area, I really think SXX or any airline would have provided you enough training to perform your job.

Good luck.