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Monday, 7 January 2008

They even skype me now!

Can't beat these SIA gals wannabes.Told them don't trouble me by emailing me regarding their interview things and now they skype me.
The one below skype me and ask for help.When I gave her the phone nos to call she replied..............

Hello Mr Boh Tong, i was wondering do you know roughly who i can contact or office number that i call regarding recruitment issues? I gotten a call to inform me on my last rd of interview, the lady mention that she will sent me a email with the details in it. Until now i have yet to receive any email from them.
But i do know that my interview timing as well as the relevant documents to bring from other interviewees.
Do i still need to call them and get them to sent me the emails? I emailed them but no response yet
Thanks so much![2:12:20 PM]

boh tong says: try calling this no. XXXXXX Mr So and So (CCE) or YYYYYY(Mrs So N So) and say I gv u the nos ok[2:12:42 PM]

Mui mui says: wah u sure?[2:12:54 PM]

Mui mui says: got something like general stuff?[2:13:36 PM]

boh tong says: gv u no aso say sure or not[2:13:43 PM]

Mui mui says: no la[2:13:47 PM] Mui mui says: i scared to call them direct[2:14:09 PM]

boh tong says: den don call la[2:14:14 PM] Mui mui says: >.<[2:14:23 PM]

boh tong says: bye[2:14:28 PM] Mui mui says: bye


Anonymous said...

If you want them to stop skype-ing you or even reply to their nonsense queries. Either you remove it or put a header above your tagboard (eg: non-SIA issues etc)

That girl asked you for help. Yes, you did help, by giving her some contacts to personel of higher positions instead of those general lines.

Ask yourself, if you are a interested candidate who is in the same situation will you just call up someone in the higher position when you don't even know him/her at all or will you be looking for general helpline.

Those people there are your friends but to that girl they are not, it is not a polite thing for that girl to do so that at all. Those numbers of the personels you gave might not even know what the situation is like or how about solving it.

Seriously, your entries reflects what kind of person you are. If you don't wish to help simply ignore and stop calling them names. Look at how your responses are as compared to Mr SS Tan.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hello that gal asked for help and i gv the tel nos. of ppl that ar the nicest ard who ar too willing to assist her. Do u think why i didnt gv her the managers or svp's no? I know the general staff are not helpful at all to these candidates.I've worked there for 35 yrs so i know what i an doing! Plse dont compare me to ss tan bcos he is an ass**** and i am not lol
boh tong