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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Why shocked by leading stewardess's behaviour?

A passenger Ms Tan complained bitterly about the "rude" behaviour of a SIA Leading Stewardess. There are others in that same forum also took sides with Ms Tan and one complained about being discriminated on a Barcelona flight(of course there are others presumably "ang mohs" who took the leading stewardess side, hahaha).
Hey Singaporeans wake up and face the truth! You buggers are bloody rude too. You ain't treat the cabin crew with an ounce of respect and just because you pay a few peanuts to the airlines,it doesn't mean you can belittle the poor SQ gals or boys....and it doesn't make sense to demand respect too.
The one who complained about not being treated equally as the "Australian couple" should asked "itself" why,why,why???
here to the forum.

After more than a week and after an apology from SQ some people still crying out for blood.....what a disgrace those people are!


carebear said...

Sigh... ugly singaporean!
Maybe stewardess oso rude, passenger oso rude so become ugly. Singaporean have a long way to go in terms of manners. We should learn from the japanese. Take pride in our work.

teh tareeq said...

I find it rather strange that this pax Ms Tan told the Lss to pass the ST to her father as she was concerned that her father could not understand if he could'nt understand was he able to read the ST??
Typical kiasu Singaporean...
complain and complain....

It is me again (ISMA) said...

I think the Flight Attendant had made inappropriate remark. She could have said: "Sure, no problem. What is your father's seat number, madam? But, we are running out of newspaper at the moment, l will certainly get your father a copy whenever there is one available." Don't you think this should be the way the FA should reply? Flight Attendant is not Fight Attendant ok. :-P

Anonymous said...

both are at fault. Passengers complaint, LSS arrogant..its pot and kettle case

Anonymous said...

The pax expect quality service, as advertised by SIA, and just like SIA expecting suppliers to bend their back to deliver quality products and services.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Cannot comment if we are not at the scene.

Writer writes her own version and we only hear one side. Who is at fault ??
No one knows man !! It's only a newspaper for god sake. Don't you read papers at home and MUST READ on board ??? Get a life and move on.
Ah yo ....there are millions stranded in China and cannot go back for CNY. Millions hungry in some developing countries !!!

Anonymous said...

Anyway, who is right or who is wrong doesn't matter. Let's try flying other airlines. If we don't get good service here, we try other alternative. We'll see. hehe.

EconomyClass said...

I'm impressed with your annotation and also probably why you choose to end your Contract (benefit of doubts) after decades on Contract Basis. Especially being an Ex SQ Cabin Crew like yourself, deep inside I'm sure you know the roots of the problems with the agenda.

Since you have all the time now, do watch Bruce Willis's recent movie "16 Blocks" and asked yourself afterwards.

To me I leave to KARMA and Retribution. What Goes Up Must Come Down.

Hence, I choose to fly with other Premium Airliners except SQ.

PS: I'm a Proud Fellow Singaporean and never once Proud to Invest my hard earned monies with SQ since my last Discrimination Experience on board Singapore Airlines. I rather invested my monies to other Premium Airliners for much non discriminate In flight Service rendered.

Happy Retirement! and Enjoy the silence. :)