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Monday, January 7, 2008

Would appreciate it.

I don't want to come across as an unhelpful blogger but if you have any questions regarding the upcoming SIA cabin crew interviews please go to this blog and get professional help.
This blog is for entertainment basically and it takes a lot of time answering stupid questions(from my email also the 2 chat boxes on the left sidebar) from those interested in becoming cabin crew.Some of those absurd questions were :

  • I don't have 5 Os but do you think SIA will accept my application?
  • I am short like 1.56cm and do you think I stand a chance?
  • Are there SQ girls who are short?
  • Do you know whether any serving stewardess have crooked teeth?
  • I am a Malaysian and my spoken English is bad but do you think SIA would recruit me as I am a very pleasant person?
  • Do you think SIA would accept my diploma which was from a private institution?
  • My eye sight is poor but I want to be a stewardess.What is your opinion?
  • I broke my bond with SATS. Will SIA recruit me as a cabin crew?
  • Plus a hundred more silly,really silly wonder so many can't make it. Hey SIA want gals who are pleasant and have a little bit of brains too you know!

Btw if you are short,have crooked teeth,love to wear jeans,can't speak proper English and still want to be a crew, may I suggest you join as a cockpit crew(pilot la stupid!). Pilots don't have to face passengers you see and these days shortie can fly the darn planes too ( all computerised ok?).


Anonymous said...

Hey, are you saying that (SM) S Matthew also can pilot an aircraft, you serve on that flight

Anonymous said...

Comments from BohTong sounds like he's one green-eyed discriminatory ex-IFS who was passed over. Probably failed pilot selection when he was younger. Sore loser....LoL

Anonymous said...

There was a very hilarious incident involving this senior management member some years back.

It's annual D&D time again. An organizing committee is formed as usual, SIA is a big scrooge when it comes to allocating a budget. So the organizing committee has to sell the D&D tickets, even to non-company staffs.

Some of these tickets ended up with a group of Geylang hookers.

Come D&D day, this senior manager came with his wife, who is taller than him....When a senior manager sat at a table, everyone avoided him. But these hookers do not know him and sat all around him. Imagine 8 hookers surrounding him and his wife at a D&D table.

He stood up, shouted at the top of his voice and chased away all the hookers, went around the hall, and demand managers in his division to sit with him for the whole evening.