Saturday, February 2, 2008

boh tong lazy long time no tell juicy stories hor?

Aiya don't be so quickly disappointed la cos BT still has plenty juicy juicy stories to tell. BT after 35 years of flying how to run out of stories hor? BT "tarek harga"(play hard to get) a bit la and hopefully more ppl will apprecaite what he does.
Ok Ok the following story was about a young flight steward whose case BT knew intimately. This happened about 10 years ago. The steward concerned was "JJ".

Before JJ became a steward, he had a girlfriend called Jenny. She was voluptous and awesome looking but a little older than JJ. Jenny was a high class social escort somewhat like a prostitute. Jenny was 30 and JJ was 22 when they met.

For a year, JJ lived with Jenny in her luxurious apartment in prime district of Orchard Road. JJ was not working and lived off the earnings from Jenny. Her fees were indeed very high compared to most prostitutes. She once spent a night with a "Prince" and was rewarded with a 50k ang pow(gift). Jenny lived up to her reputation amongst her peers as the "Queen of All". She was easily a multi millionairess, making money from her regular rich clients and multiplying them in her investments in stocks and shares,properties and others.

Jenny was outstanding in her profession and was the best social escort at that time. She was also kept by wealthly men who loved her to bits. However, all those men were suckers to her for her heart belonged to only one guy and that was JJ.

JJ in his own way was an excellent lover to Jenny. JJ would do anything to please Jenny,whether it was sex or drinking with her all the time or run all kind of errands for her. In return for pleasing her, Jenny was extremely generous to JJ eg. for one of his birthdays, he was rewarded with a brand new Porsche.

BT takes a break now and will continue soon ok?


Anonymous said...

Hi BT,
There was a similar story of a trainee steward who was terminated after his prostitute girl friend charged him in court for not paying her money he allegedly owed her. He claimed that he was her "toyboy". XCrew.

Anonymous said...

Hi BT,
This reminds me of a similar story of a trainee steward who was terminated following his involvement with a prostitute who sued him in court for allegedly not paying him money he owed her. He claimed that he was only her 'toyboy' and the money was for his services. Apparently the prostitute sued him out of jealousy, because he was leaving her for another women. XCrew.

carebear said...

Actually why would the wealthy men want to keep such a woman? I tot wealthy men prefer the women to themselves? Why do they want to share her with other men? Izit they dunno she slept around?