Thursday, February 28, 2008

The cc management I worked for was more efficient.

Please refer to my posting on "This is how cabin crew management works" ( scroll down a lil). A passenger had to spend so much time and went through so much hassle and in the end pleaded with me to help her find the cabin crew whom she wanted to compliment for the outstanding inflight service she had received.
I not only posted her story here but took the time to email the cabin crew manager concerned and one who did not even have the courtesy to reply to me. Ya, it's when they want me to remove some of SIA logos or images I used here in my blog,they would write to me. Even then in their email about a year ago, the AO who emailed me copied to SVPcc, SVPhr, Legal dept. and all the big shots.
A suggestion here ok....copy to PMO and MM Lee also lah.
The other thing is so many blogs and websites in bloggersphere are using their images like crazy but they never asked them to remove the images and logos.
Why me?....Well Mr. Boh Tong because they think you are still on their payroll see? In Hokkien there is a saying "kwa lung tow suay buck" or literary it means "see people one eye big and one eye small" ( discrimination ).

When I was working in the cc division, we were too eager to assist in cases where passengers wanted to compliment our crew though this type of situations were far and few.
During our check flights, we CCEs continually asked our passengers for feedback. At one stage during SVPcc Mr. Yap Kim Wah's time, we were overwhelmed with so many complimentary letters from our passengers that we felt "embarrassed"......ask Mr. Yap if you doubt what I said.
Wait there are lots more but I am just too busy right now to blog more....later mate!


Anonymous said...

Good for nothing and onli noe how 2 cut cost.Shitty airline!

Anonymous said...

This is cool!