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Friday, 15 February 2008

SIA did help its crew in the past.

People are just having nothing better to do than to make mountains out of molehills. Singaporeans are the most guilty when it comes to finger pointing.Look at what is going on in the forums and blogs regarding the case of a SIA stewardess who was slapped by a passenger's wife.
In the past,SIA did press charges against male passengers who molested the stewardesses. As for the case of the stewardess being slapped, SIA let the stewardess the opportunity to sue the passenger. Had SIA press charges against the passenger,it may not be a good case for the stewardess to sue. Surely, SIA is thinking for the good of the stewardess.
I believe that if the stewardess did not win the suit,the cost would be borne by SIA. Hey have some faith in our national carrier!


Anonymous said...

Did the police force let the officer who was assaulted sue?( They just canned and jailed the bastard!
BT don't just side your ex employer blindly..passerBy.

Anonymous said...

Ungrateful employer!!!!!
Wonder what are the core values of the company.
Does SIA practice what they preach?
No more a great way to fly.
Will not support such a co. and has
stop using SIA a long time as there are better airlines around.

Anonymous said...

SIA= Slapping Is Allowed


Anonymous said...

Hello friend I am not siding SIA blindly. I know what I am saying. SIA had help most of the victims of abused by sending them for counselling at SIA's expense. SIA had also pledge to foot the legal bills if the civil suit was unsuccessful ( all cases were successful eg. the steward who was punched,the stewardess who was spat at and others)
SIA is a good company so don't lose heart :)

Tan said...

Stewardess was on duty and in uniform when the 'slap/assault' happened.

Isn't it a slap on the Company as
well? If SIA sees it as a private
matter, then what's the position
if the stewardess blocks the slap
but bruise resulted on the passenger?

Let the law comes down hard on such
bullies with remand. A fine is
nothing to rich ba...rds.