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Saturday, February 23, 2008

SIA steward fined AU$10,000 for importing child pornography

Posted: 23 February 2008 0032 hrs

SINGAPORE: A Singapore Airlines air steward was fined AU$10,000 in an Adelaide court on Friday for importing child pornography. He is the third international airline employee to be convicted of importing child pornography in the past five weeks. The court said customs officers at Adelaide International Airport found five videos and multiple still photos on his computer. The air steward, who was not in court for the judgement, has been suspended from his job. - CNA/so

What is happening to the crew these days?....Hey SIA did you make a big blunder by downsizing the role of the cabin crew executives? Bring back the old fashion big "stick" of discipline man and you will be lesser in the news pertaining to complaints about discrimination,rudeness,inefficeincy,smuggling of child pornogaphic materials etc etc by your cabin crew.


Anonymous said...

hey uncle,
everyone is telling me that it's not cabin crew lah, it's tech crew isnt it??

Anonymous said...

oh really but i have checked liao.

Anonymous said...

it is a captain with the initial K.J.

Anonymous said...

its a Chief Steward lah ! Wife went for her CSS training on the day he was charged A$10000. Sigh !!

Anonymous said...

Gosh...but I read in the news the same thing happened to a MAS pilot. Malay pilot. See link.