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Monday, 25 February 2008

SQ be more transparent in interview policy la!

I have handled countless queries on SIA cabin crew interview policy. One of the most frequently asked questions is, if a cabin crew candidate fails her final or management round would she be barred from attending another interview?
Some of these candidates were told by SIA staff after receiving news that they had failed the final round interview, a period of 2 to 3 months "ban" will be imposed on them. In other words,they are not supposed to go for another walk-in interview until the so called "ban" period is over.
Some are so confused because after failing the final round were not told of the "ban" period.
SIA, please la be more upfront and come out with a clear ruling and policy. Write or email to the unsuccessful candidates and inform them of the "ban" period.
As usual SIA is short of manpower but tell you what, if you want to cut cost uncle BT here can, for old time sake, do it for free ok? I really don't mind helping out but don't confuse the already stressed up unsuccessful candidates. The other thing is don't wait for this type of things to be debated at the various kiasu forums or at Meet the Members' Sessions with MPs or at the Straits Times forum....mind you there are so many ppl out there to gun you down.......from your old ex grateful employee whose position you have made redundant but die die still love you hor!


Anonymous said...

Bt is right bcos in Dec 2006 i was booted out at the final rd and i went back for the Jan 2006 walkin at sheraton and was BOOTED out at the very first rd.
After my failure at final rd of Dec 2006 i was told unofficially of my 2 month ban (verbally).
Now i it was rumoured that i am banned for life but why???

Anonymous said...

Yup sia shd be more upfront with its ruling on the interview thingy!

Anonymous said...

Why should SIA tell them it should be
obvious that if you fail they won't want to see your sorry hide for SIX months not three as you claim. By the way BT how come nobody in SIA knows who you are?????

Anonymous said...

How do u know it is 6 months? Unsuccessful candidates were told either it's 2 or 3 months.BTW are u one of those candidates?? Chinese said if u don't know don't be a "kay khiang" (smart ass)!
Of course the majority in SQ knows who I am.....are U the english snobs moderator Plavt from that expt. forum??? Balik kampong la ang moh kong!

Anonymous said...

I was booted out at the final round this month and the person who told me didn't informed me about the ban till I asked about it. So should I go try for the next interview in March? I am really confused. Some said that you might be blacklisted, others said that there are girls who got through despite being "banned".

Boh Tong said...

To you guys who asked me about the"BAN" stuff,I really do not hv the answer. I am as confused as you all. Lets hope SIA can cm out with clearer guidelines.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I flew with SIA for 20 years and due to the hi-altitude and exposure to SOLAR RADIATION, I am now under treatment for cancer.

Like so many other CABIN CREW who succumb to Cancer, the company only looks at our Illness as Illness due to Natural causes.


The remuneration that the company compensates is insufficient for your treatment of Cancer.

And after a period of reduced productivity as deemed by the company, they lay you off to fend for your death.

Like so many other Cabin Crew who have died of Cancer, I would like to voice out on behalf of those who have passed on..

"Tell your loved ones that Cabin Crew or work in Aeroplanes at hi altitudes will kill you eventually!"

Go Get A Longer Life!
Stay on the Ground and live a Normal Life!
Dont be a Cabin Crew!