Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A statement from SIA


February 17, 2008 Sunday, 04:29 PM


Some people have reached all sorts of conclusions in this forum. However, permit me to explain the comment was made in response to a question concerning proceedings before the courts.

Singapore Airlines abides strictly by the sub-judice convention; that is, we do not publicly discuss matters before the courts, in particular when the Airline is not, formally, a party to the case.

However, in general terms, let me put firmly on record that Singapore Airlines adopts a zero tolerance approach to assaults on our staff in the course of their duty. Where an allegation is made, the Airline will support a decision by the staff member to refer the complaint to police (noting it is a personal decision as to whether they do so), and we will also provide reasonable support to staff to seek other remedies in the event a prosecution cannot be made.

We do have established policies in place to support affected staff, which were developed jointly with our staff unions. The one thing I will say about this particular case is that these policies were followed in full. I am sorry that some readers may have drawn an alternative view from our need to abide by the sub-judice convention.

However, I hope also that I have clarified some of the conclusions that various forum participants have erroneously come to about how Singapore Airlines deals with such cases.

Stephen Forshaw
Vice President Public Affairs
Singapore Airlines

Above is from VP SQ Public Affairs to those who were and still are bashing SIA over the "slapping" incident in the ST forum.


Anonymous said...

How about verbal abuse from IFS? Sexual advances from IFS, pilots etc.......

Don't give free and cheap assurance lah.

Talk is free and cheap.

Boh Tong said...

What's considered sexual advances and verbal abuses at work place? Is giving an instruction in a firm manner a verbal abuse?
We got to draw a line here otherwise it would be better if the weaker sex stays at home and look after babies and the house.

Anonymous said...

What's considered sexual advances and verbal abuses at work place?

Read your blog and Beh's blog. There are so many stories there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling me to read my own blog...lol.