Monday, February 18, 2008

What's wrong with you guys?

Don't know "head nor tail" about the "slapping of the stewardess" case but simply jump on the kiasu bandwagon and run down your own national airline!

Maybe that SIA fellow who said it was a "personal matter" did not mean it like the way you guys figure it out to be. The two words just mean the case is before the court and SIA would not and could not comment.

It is absurd to think that a respectable company like Singapore Airlines would condone any act of violence or assault against its staff? Think again and think hard before jumping to your own conclusion.

You people are trying to bring our national airlines to its knees,I noticed. Today there is another apology dished out by SIA to that "Jakarta" case in the Straits Times. Before this ,there was the case of that passenger Tan who complained bitterly against a leading stewardess for not giving her father who could not even speak English,an English newspaper right away. Then there was this "slapping of the stewardess" case which is now before the court.
SIA had apologised,apologised and what's next? Blood??


Anonymous said...

You are nothing but just an ex waiter/waitress and your blog is nothing for a rant plug for your loserly views.

Anonymous said...

she din pay for her promotion money tats why get slapped lor

Anonymous said...

Why come and read my blog when there are billions out obviuosly the ex waiter/waitress's blog suits stupid ppl like you hor ...hehehe!
BT ( joking la and no offence meant is too short fren)

Anonymous said...

BT your blog is GREAT!!!
Keep bloggin.


Anonymous said...

kekeke just a waiter/waitress?? Next time u board an aircraft , bring your own food, drinks, tissues, snacks, earphones hor....dun bother the stewardess/steward....

kk said...

My comment below does not mean any offence to anyone who is working as waiter/ waitress. I am just trying to show the difference on this two particular job, waiter/waitress vs flight steward/stewardess, to the public and the first person who made a comment here.I believe that every job has different history, function and professionalism. So, I do respect those who did their best in their job as this is equals to professionalism to me. Even if you are a public toilet cleaner or janitor, you are an important person because without your duty in cleaning the streets and public places, our city (I am staying in Malaysia) will be full of dirts and might affect our health too.

Oh dear, what a bad definition on that person who said ex flight steward/stewardess equals to ex waiter/waitress. Come on, read some facts about their job before you give such comment. Do you know how does this job 'Cabin Crew/ Flight Attendants/ Flight Steward and Stewardess' was found?

It used to be a job that is done by medically-trained nurse. Many years ago, when Commercial Airlines started in Britain they do not have any cabin crew on board as those aircraft are mostly small aircraft compare to the one we have nowadays (because the DCA of any country will require an aircraft to have a certain number of cabin crew vs a certain number of passenger). However, some of the people are afraid to travel in an aircraft. They questioned on their safety and security on travelling in air. So, they put nurse(s) on board to ensure and assure the passengers that they are safe in the aircraft as they are all medically trained. If anything happens they will be there to render first aid or calm the panicked passengers. Then, after a certain period, these nurse(s) tried to ensure that the passengers are not hungry or dehydrated by serving them food and drinks. This is how the F&B service came in. Slowly, this job has evolved from the so called Inflight Nurse(s) to Flight Stewardess/Steward. [I GET THIS INFORMATION FROM A SHORT DOCUMENTARY INFO IN THE HONG KONG TVB SERIES 'TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES']

Nowadays, Flight Steward/ Stewardess are a job that can be apply by those that might not be a nurse but by anyone that is from different field as long as you fulfill the stringent requirement, checks, training and exam of a certain airline. They will have to undergo some medical training such as aviation first aid too (this is a compulsary training and exam that they have to go through). Regarding to the service, the cabin crew are always trained and reminded that they are not a waiter/ waitress serving a passenger but being as ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and getlemen (This is MAS version but I do not know if there is any different version in SIA). Regarding to safety, do you think a waiter/waitress or even anyone who is not trained as a cabin crew will know what to do when an inflight emergency happens? Just imagine if a cabin crew has collapsed during emergency incident, do you know what to do? Before and during an unprepared crash land, do you know how to do a brace position to reduce the injuries that happens during impact? Do you know what to do if there is an obstructing tree or fire in front of your emergency door? After you open a door and if the slide fails to inflate automatically, do you know how to inflate it manually? When you are in a raft during ditching do you know how to detached the raft from the aircraft or do you want to sink together with the aircraft? Do you know how to attached the canopy of the raft to prevent rain and sun?

So, once again do you think a waiter/waitress or someone who is not trained as a cabin crew but in other hospitality field are equivalent to a cabin crew? Please think before you say something! Being a cabin crew is not as easy as you think. Besides, their pleasant look, they need to be smart. It is not neccesarily that someone who is only a book smart or only a street smart can be a cabin crew. A cabin crew must have at least 50% of book smart and 50% of street smart if they are not meant to be born as 100% of both smart(s) with pleasant look.

Anonymous said...

Wow KK u are a great guy! Thanks for your useful and eye-opening comment. Hope that 1st preson who had commented negatively about cabin crew learn something from here.
Cheers KK....from BT.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vince for yr comment & taking time to come in here :)

kk said...

haha, no problem.......always will come to read on your blog.

From: kk (i am the kk who post the comment and the one who talk with you on your chatango in 18 Feb 2008; wished that you do not forget me as a supportive reader of yours...:))

Boh Tong said...

KK... Thanks and of course I can remember U cos we chatted yesterday a bit about kampong life right?

Anonymous said...

Re: SIA Stewardess Slapped by Businessmans's Wife - 22-02-2008, 09:36 PM


Originally Posted by Pushkin62
The rule of law applies according to the Penal Code. Section 203 of the Penal Code allows for one month's jail for assault. Mdm Tan should receive nothing less than a custodial jail term because what she did amounted to a criminal assault on a cabin crew performing her duties.

Section 203 or 323 doesnt require the stewardess to engage any lawyers on her own. Its the job of the DPP to prosecute and the SPF should initiate the proceedings. The offence committed is definitely punishable under Penal Code. Someone is obviously shielding her and abusing his powers to override the rule of law. Anyone who does so is obstructing justice and therefore not fit to be a lawmaker or leader and commiting a criminal offense as well. Since this matter has already been dragging for a year, it is not unreasonable to infer Executive Interference or Dereliction of Duty by SPF, which is a very serious national matter.


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Anonymous said...

kekeke just a waiter/waitress?? Next time u board an aircraft , bring your own food, drinks, tissues, snacks, earphones hor....dun bother the stewardess/steward...."

Why should I bring my own food and drinks? The SIA air waitress is paid to serve me. She is paid to bring me my food, drinks, newspapers, towel. D

o you know even restaurant waitress dun have to bring newspapers? Only Filipino maids have to.

But nowadays Filipino maids are exempt from doing such lowdown work and are given more respect by nicer and more modern employers.

Oh yeah you ALL are also COOLIES. Because you have to do hard labour like manually carry passenger's bags and store it for them. No job in the world right now combines Waitress, Toilet Cleaner, Maid and Coolie so well as your job.


And stop thinking that you are an ICON when you are just a flying waitress!!! Our women have achieved too much to let a bunch of ah lian bimbos be the "SINGAPORE GIRLS". S

SIA SUAY. That is what SIA stands for.

Anonymous said...

Hello "SIA SUAY" see 4 yrself the long queue each time SIA conducts cabin crew interview and our educated "ah Lians" with uni degree can't even pass the 4 rds of interview...hahaha