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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An email from "Lyn" an ex SQ Stewardess.

Subject: A fan!
Hi Boh Tong,

I'm a new and increasingly huge fan of your blog. It brings back lovely memories of my time with SQ, I resigned in March 07 with a heavy heart due to my medical implications. My bond wasn't even up then. I was diagnosed with depression because of an unpleasant incident during a nightstop in Zurich back in June 06. It was an incident that left a mark and I wasn't able to get over my trauma even after several initial counselling sessions with the company's appointed psychiatrist. I resigned as it was too much to bear at that time, and I knew I needed a longer time to heal. It has been almost a year since I'd resigned and there's nothing I want as much as to go back to SIA.

It took me a long time before I could bring myself to write to you. No one outside my family knows why I left SQ, at least not the real reason. My relatives and friends were mildly shocked, they knew I was having a good time in the airline, my sudden resignation made them ask me many questions that I had no answers for..... so much so that I don't leave my house unless necessary.

I am happy to say I have fully recovered now, though I still don't talk about this incident to anyone.

I wrote to cabin crew recruitment, applying under the cabin crew re-employment scheme but have yet to hear from them. I know there is an endless list of applicants and I'd have to wait for them to reach my email in time as there isn't a separate email address for ex crew.

Your entries made me realize how much I enjoyed working in SIA and just how wonderful the company really is. I can only hope the company is willing to consider accepting my application.

My point in writing to you is to say a big thank you, and to let you know that there are many readers out there. Majority of us are silent readers, though we're not anything less than fans. *grin*

Keep blogging for the readers who enjoy your blog tremendously, if not for yourself. Thank you for taking the time to share with us your priceless stories and experiences.

Best regards,Lyn


Unknown said...

I had resigned due to family matters, before my bonds end. After a year,everything have goes well, I miss flying so much. I have emailed them wonder when i still have the chance to join the big Family. Any ideas?

Boh Tong said...

If you had a good work record during the time with them, they may take you back.