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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Another SIA A380 affected by fuel pump problem

Singapore Airlines had grounded a second Airbus A380 aircraft for a fuel pump problem.

The incident on Monday night, delayed Sydney-bound passengers who had to switch to smaller planes.

In a statement issued today, airline spokesman Stephen Forshaw said the plane is now back in service.

He said the problem with the fuel pump was similar to a problem that grounded another A380 in February.

SIA is currently the only carrier operating the world's largest passenger jet.

Last week, it flew the plane for the first time on its Singapore-London route, after having first introduced the plane on regular Singapore-Sydney flights in October.

It currently operates three A380s and has another 16 on order.

Singapore Airlines will use its fourth A380, yet to be delivered, on its Singapore-Tokyo route from late May.

Source: MediaCorp Radio New Media Development


Anonymous said...

Hi BT,
I'm only 156cm, but i really hope to be an SQ girl, are there any options or HOPE for me?

Anonymous said...

Can still be an SQ Gal but a clerk or smthing. Don't hv courtesy to leave ur name here and wanna be a SQ Gal!
BT ( 182 cm)

Anonymous said...

I pitty all of you who have to work on an A380. You will have to deal with many angry pax in row 11, that were lured by false ads promissing a spacious light cabin and find themselves in a dark, claustrophobic hole! Especially 11 A!
Whoever designed the layout at SQ should be fired.

Anonymous said...

aren't there girls shorter than 158cm in sq? i mean cabin crew and not admin or something. shit, my hopes are dashed - KATE

Anonymous said...

11A is for small people wanting to DO IT in tight spaces mah!