Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I like this comment

Oh....I think I remember you from your pix. You did my FSS training in 1988. If my memory serves me correctly, you related the story of how you got a huge cut on your inner thigh while trying a to uncork a bottle of wine....missing your "future generation". And...when they tried to adminster O2 to you, someone was stepping over the O2 tube. If that is you, till today, I still remember that story. I would deter anyone that would use thier thighs as leverage when uncorking wine bottles.

PS. No longer flying, but SQ was one of the biggest break in my life. It enable this Ipoh girl to save enough to go to college in USA and now living the American Dream. I am now a senior underwriter for a financial company in USA. There is life after SIA...plan it well to all those SIA cabin crew and wanabees

From ex stewardess.


Anonymous said...

ex stewardess, You are talking about YC Wan. He is a fine fellow, always well dressed. Xcrew

Anonymous said...

Yeah he told the same story way bk in 1978 too, remebered that too!!hes with Hitac nw?

Anonymous said...

what a cock!
uncork next time use your cock!