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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Is she the "slapped" stewardess?

Sorry for the size of the pic but was Ms Then,the SIA gal who was slapped by a super rich passenger's wife got what she wanted? An out of court settlement(max is 60K)must have pleased Ms.Then even tho it could be a paltry sum of maybe 10K only (to the passenger concerned).
Many were disappointed when the case was settled out of court. Many expected to savour the secrets of how the super rich live to be revealed in court but alas it is not be.
Perhaps we should wait for another case of abuse by wealthy passengers against crew and hope this time it would a criminal charge rather than a civil suit.


MCBabe said...

wah..she so pretty leh wonder Mrs Wong got jealous. I think I can imagine Mrs Wong even do breast lift and watever shit, her breast will still sag and there's no way she can compare with Ms Then la

Anonymous said...

Originally Posted by FIT
I don't think there is any miscarriage of justice in this case as it is settled out of court (as the offence is compoundable). There is no sentencing, as someone had mentioned, whatsoever. It was settled as the two parties had come to an agreement on the terms and conditions.

The thing that I am concerned is the legal fees of the plaintiff, who paid? If she had to pay her own legal fees, there is nothing much left to compensate her!

Recently, a man slapped an SBS driver for driving too slowly. He was given a jail sentence for assault. The Penal Code provides for a jail term for assault of a public servant, in this case, a public transport worker. A cabin crew working on board an airline is also a public transport worker. So why the difference in sentence meted out?

The only reason that I can think of is that money speaks. It all depends on who you are. I am enraged at the Courts for not upholding criminal justice. The monetary compensation is the civil suit. But the assault is a criminal offence under the Penal Code for which a jail term is mandatory